The Craziest Myths About Coronavirus

The coronavirus has continued to spread throughout the entire world, causing different levels of devastation in each country. For many people, the pandemic has upended their lives as they’re forced to stay home during city lockdowns. Others have been hit even harder — as businesses cannot afford to keep their employees hired while remaining closed for well over a month, mass layoffs or having to let go of employees has resulted in over 26 million people applying for unemployment in the United States alone.

As with any significant event that has people on edge and fearful, wild myths begin popping up. Perhaps these mini-conspiracies are ways for people to feel some control in a world that’s been turned upside down or maybe some people are just practicing their fiction-writing skills; either way, here are the craziest myths about the coronavirus that have surfaced.

5G mobile network towers caused the coronavirus.

This myth is a doozy. There is absolutely no basis in any science whatsoever that a virus can originate from radio waves. First, viruses and radiation exist in different forms that do not interact. The protein shell of the virus is incapable of “hijacking” 5G radio signals. On top of it all, 5G signals cannot penetrate the skin, or allow a virus to penetrate the skin.

The coronavirus doesnt actually exist — its all a hoax. 

A hoax by who? The coronavirus situation has not helped any country, and we’re not sure who would enjoy pretending to be sick enough to use a ventilator or cause mass panic and damage to the entire world, but some people think that it’s all a hoax.

Drinking water continually washes the virus into your stomach, where acid destroys it. 

Wishful thinking perhaps, but also a myth. While staying hydrated is important for your health, it has been found that the virus may be resistant to the strength of stomach acid, but this technique also doesn’t account for the most common mode of infection — breathing.

Drinking bleach will prevent you from getting the coronavirus. 

This myth is correct, because dead people don’t get the coronavirus, and drinking bleach is a foolproof way to become a dead person. Poison Control has had to go so far as releasing a statement warning people not to drink bleach. DO NOT DRINK BLEACH!

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