Score Great Deals On These Used Items

There are some things best to buy brand new, then there are others that are perfectly fine to buy used. Here’s a list of things to consider buying from a garage sale, thrift store or Craigslist, before buying it new.

Books – Often times, you don’t have to buy books brand new. You can just find them at a thrift store. That’s because people often read a book once and then get rid of it.

Maternity Clothes – If there’s any kind of second hand clothes worth buying, it’s maternity clothes. Since pregnancy only last 9 months, you can find that these clothes have much less wear and tear.

Formal Wear – It’s not everyday you go to the prom. Formal wear clothes are a great buy at these second places because they are usually worn no more than twice.

Baby Gear – Baby gear can be expensive, why not get it second hand. Since children outgrow things so fast, there’s a good chance you can get things like carriers, swings and high chairs for a very reasonable cost.

Fitness Machines – You can almost always get a great deal on exercise gear from garage sales or thrift stores. You can often get items such as stationary bikes, and treadmills in mint-condition.

Musical Instruments – Musical instruments can cost a lot, unless you can find one second-hand. There’s a great chance you can find one that someone gave up after losing interest.

Bicycles – Adult bikes are available for very cheap at second-hand stores. You can often get a nice one for 75% – 90% off of what you’ll normally pay at retailers.

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Jessica E. Williams

Jessica is a fun-loving free spirit. She's a writer that covers all sorts of genres. In her spare time, she's enjoying her family and contemplating the deeper meaning of life.

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