How to Not Regret Getting Bangs

Celebs love them and always make them look so chic and fun, but there is a reason why more people don’t have bangs—they can be a lot of work. The solution? The right cut. A great haircut can minimize how much work actually goes into your day-to-day hair care routine.

Your hairstylist is a great resource for all your hair questions and ideas. If you don’t already have a stylist you love and trust, you could start by asking friends for recommendations or search Instagram hashtags for local salons. After discussing your hair’s unique texture, your maintenance expectations, and your facial features, you will be all set to take the plunge!

While bangs add a lot of character to your style, they also require a bit more attention than a bang-free look. It may seem like a major change, but with these tips up your sleeve, you will be all set to maintain bangs and feel confident in your new fringe.

Hair Texture

Your stylist will be able to help customize your bangs to suit your hair’s natural texture. Camila Cabello’s long bangs look effortless with her naturally wavy hair. Zendaya’s curly layered bangs make such a cool-girl statement. Bella Hadid’s wispy straight bangs capture that 90’s aesthetic. A good cut can make or break your bang experience.

Facial Features

Your face shape can (and should!) factor into choosing the best cut. Generally, heart and round-shaped faces look best with layered, side-swept bangs. Square faces look chic with bangs that fall on or just below the brows. Those with high foreheads and/or long faces can pull off longer, layered bangs. Oval faces tend to be able to rock any cut.

If you want to accentuate your eyes, try cutting bangs that skim your eyebrows like Jameela Jamil. Accentuate cheekbones with long curtain bangs like Dakota Johnson. Elongate your face with side-swept bangs like Reese Witherspoon.

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To Maintain:

Daily fringe maintenance will depend on your hair’s natural texture. For curly hair, keeping frizz in check might be your top priority. The girl with fine, straight hair might need to keep her oiliness in check with daily showers or dry shampoo. A spa headband is always helpful for getting your bangs off your forehead while you wash your face. Avoid applying makeup and lotion to your forehead to minimize oiliness.

Depending on the cut/length of bangs you have, it will be necessary to get them trimmed every 2-4 weeks. Ask your stylist what their policy is on bang trims to help you maintain your look between haircuts. It is amazing how just an inch in bang length can create a whole new look!

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How to Style Them:

You can say goodbye to the days of curling or flat ironing your bangs. Relaxed and natural is in right now. Sometimes it might be necessary to wet your fringe with a fine-tooth comb if you need to combat a cowlick. Beyond that, leave them be, but call attention to your flirty fringe with a fun accessory. Add a scrunchie, scarf, or silk bow to your ponytail to look instantly more polished. Headbands look amazing with bangs, as do colorful barrettes. There are endless ways to enjoy your new fringed look.

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