Is Avocado Tea Worth The Hype?

We all know that avocados are a superfood with many health advantages, but did you know you can now have it in tea form? Well, sort of. Avocado tea is made two ways, either from the seed or the leaves of an avocado. Both parts are packed with nutrients that help create a drink with a wide variety of benefits. Its rustic flavor is comparable to that of green tea and can be purchased as a blend with other teas like chamomile. You can also make this tea at home if you’d prefer.

Benefits of Seed Tea 

There are many advantages to avocado seed tea. The avocado seed is full of fiber, which can help with digestion. It can help if you are having a stomach ache or suffer from IBS. Seed tea may also lower cholesterol levels. Thanks to the seed being full of antioxidants, the tea is excellent for your immune system. It has an antimicrobial effect preventing bacterial infection. The avocado seed also has vitamin C, a friend to your skin, and a cheerleader for a natural glow.

Benefits of Leaf Tea

Avocado leaf tea helps with the flow of oxygen to the brain and can help with stress. Avocados have serotonin in them, and this can help with mood and sleep. Like tea made from the seed, it also helps with digestion and is full of antioxidants. These can help fight free radical damage, which makes your skin age quicker.

This natural tea helps with blood pressure, cholesterol, skin, mood, and more. It’s a low-calorie drink providing an alternative to sugar-based beverages. No wonder it has quickly become a favorite of fitness gurus everywhere. Plus, you can make it at home with part of the avocado that you would be throwing out otherwise!

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