How To Deal If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s not unusual to feel like the world is closing in on you. This feeling usually originates from the stress of carrying multiple responsibilities, emotional stress, or stressful situations. Ultimately, you feel overwhelmed not only with all you’re doing but also with everything you aren’t doing. So how can you cope with this feeling? We’ll highlight some practical tips which can help you deal when you’re feeling overwhelmed in different situations.

Take Time Out

It doesn’t matter if you’re in between meetings or at a family gathering. If you feel like you cannot handle anything anymore, take a personal time out. Take a breather, go for a quick walk, or head over to the wellness center for some space. Clear your mind, meditate, or focus on something else. This will prevent you from burning out and help keep you feeling grounded, balanced, and rejuvenated.

Talk to Someone

One of the quickest ways to relieve stress is by talking to someone. Call a friend or head to your therapist for a quick chat. Pouring out all emotions and feelings will make you feel better as you open up instead of bottling it all up. Another option is to talk to someone who can make you laugh as a distraction from your predicaments.


If you’re overwhelmed about work, relationships, or life in general, channel that emotion into something more productive like working out. Boxing is very therapeutic since you can get all your frustrations out and increase your heart rate in one activity.


You might not be religious, but you can still have a spiritual experience. Pray to who you believe in or meditate to the best of your abilities. Put things in perspective for yourself. This will give you a calming sensation and make you feel lighter.

These are only a few of the ways to self-soothe when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The more you employ coping mechanisms when you’re overwhelmed, the easier it gets to deal with life’s stressors.

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