These Moisturizers Will Clean Up Your Bad Beauty Habits

You’ve heard it from your esthetician, you’ve heard it from your dermatologist, you’ve heard it from your favorite beauty blogger, and we’ll repeat it — moisturizers are the backbone of your skincare routine. Consider your moisturizer as an essential worker; without a good moisturizer in your skincare routine, all your other products are fighting an uphill battle.

Adding the right moisturizer to your skincare armory is a power move. Not only does it help you get glowy, hydrated skin, but it also helps avoid breakouts from your skin overcompensating with oil production. If you’re ready to rescind your bad beauty habits, these moisturizers will help you see the light.

Farmstead Apothecary Face Cream

Not only are the different varieties of this moisturizer making us hungry (figs and honeysuckle, strawberry, and gardenia, just to name a few), the lovely apothecary-style packaging will look gorgeous on your skincare shelf.

This product packs a significant punch for the price: it reduces acne, hydrates skin, and goes on anti-aging duty. Plus, it’s vegan, organic, and contains no artificial fragrance. We’ll take 10, thanks.

BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer from Jane Iredale

If you’ve been slacking on your moisturizer responsibilities, getting a product that feels good while putting on can help reform those bad habits. A lot of moisturizers don’t play nice with make-up, but not to worry, with the BeautyPrep Face Moisturizer, you’ll get to rock a full face and moisturize it too.

This product is formulated specially to work with your make-up, not against it, helping it go on smoother and stay put longer. That make-up friendly formula coupled with the rose stem cell extracts that work to brighten and moisturize your skin while protecting against pollutants makes this the superhero of moisturizers.

Arbonne Bio-Hydria Gel Cream

Do you hate the sticky feel of moisturizer? Are you tired of feeling like you’ve just slopped frosting on your face? Arbonne gets it. They’ve created a moisturizer that’s the skincare equivalent of rubbing silk across your skin – their formula is designed to be quick absorbing but luxurious. You’ll feel like your skin is hydrated and happy, but without the heaviness that some moisturizers leave behind.

The organically farmed power ingredients like witch hazel and aloe vera will help contain breakouts while also soothing sensitive skin and providing plenty of hydration.

Sky Organics Shea Butter

If you’re not into moisturizers with a novel-length ingredient list and a range of claims that require a chemistry degree to vet, this moisturizer from Sky Organics will be your saving grace. It has an ingredient list of 1: shea butter. The famous queen of hydration, shea butter, provides quick relief for dry skin and can help calm irritation. Not only is this product cruelty-free and pure, but it’s also useful for anywhere you need hydration, not just the face.

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