Hacks on Hacks: Hair, Skin, and Nails Edition

Maybe the winter wind is getting the best of us, but this time of year, we start to notice our skin is dull, our hair is dry, and our nails are brittle. If the winter is getting the best of you, you’ll love our hacks to help you return to your radiant self in no time!


If you notice a change in your hair texture, it could be because you have a deficiency in your diet. But changes can also occur from cold, dry air, excessive heat, and chemical exposure. Here are our best tips for your healthiest hair yet.

Don’t Go to Bed With Wet Hair

Unfortunately, wet hair is extremely fragile, so going to bed with a wet head on a cotton pillowcase can lead to hair damage and breakage. Instead, wrap your hair in a T-shirt or microfiber towel, apply a heat protectant, then blow-dry your tresses on low.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Hair With Product

Product buildup can disrupt the health of your hair and your scalp. You may also experience an itchy scalp once these products start mixing with oil and dirt.

Tone It Down

If you dye your hair, keep it looking fresher for longer by toning in between salon visits. Pigmented conditioners and temporary colors are solid at-home toning options, and if you are blonde, we recommend purple shampoo.

Love Your Scalp

A healthy scalp makes for healthy locks. Keep your scalp happy by massaging it regularly and applying scalp scrubs as needed.

Beware of Perfume

Your hair may get a spritz of perfume now and then, but too much exposure to the alcohol in these products can dry hair out and cause damage.


As much as we would love to see an aesthetician every time our skin feels dry and dull, it is out of the budget for most of us. Luckily, there are simple things you can do at home for glowing, radiant skin.

Change How You Shower

We love a long, hot shower as much as anyone, but this isn’t great for the skin. Instead, opt for shorter, tepid showers using a gentle cleanser. Afterward, lather a deep-hydrating body lotion or body oil into the skin.


Dry air is bad for your skin, plain and simple. To combat this, put a humidifier in your bedroom. And if you want to get real bougie, invest in a small humidifier for your workspace.

Get Good Sleep

We know it’s easier said than done. But when you have a stretch of rough nights, the proof is all over your face via dark circles, heavy lids, droopy skin, and dullness. So make sure your bedroom is cool and dark and get plenty of shut-eye.

Cold Rinse

A quick and easy way to get a poreless look is by submerging your face into ice water after you wash your face. It can help close pores and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the skin.


Regular at-home nail care is neither expensive nor time-consuming. Okay, tip #3 can be a little time-consuming, but we tried.

No Glove, No Love

Whether you’re heading out into the cold or doing dishes, protect your hands (and nails!) from harsh chemicals and dry air by wearing the appropriate gloves.

Love Your Cuticles

Instead of trimming or pushing them back, massage a cuticle oil or lotion onto your cuticles a few times a week.

Remove with Caution

We are just as guilty as anyone about ripping or peeling off old acrylics and gel polish. But as satisfying as it may be, this is brutal on your natural nails. Instead, soak them off in acetone or make a quick trip to the nail salon.

Always Use a Base Coat

Always make sure you start with a base coat, which acts as a protective layer that keeps polish from discoloring your nails. If you’ve ever painted your nails bright red with no base coat, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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