Damaged Nails? This Could Fix Them

The things we love on our nails – acrylics, glue or press-on fake nails, gel manicures, dip powders, and frequent polish changes – can sometimes leave them looking and feeling a little rough. But if your nails are weak, peeling, or breaking, not all is lost. There are a ton of ways to help them get back on track. From at-home remedies to specialized products, here are a few of the best ways to heal damaged fingernails.

Never Peel Your Polish

When a manicure starts chipping, you may get the urge to peel the rest off right away. Don’t do this, as peeling off polish can cause you to peel off part of your nail with it! If you wear gel, acrylic, or dip powder nails, it is especially important to soak the polish properly before they start to lift. And especially with artificial nails, a lifted nail may cause fungus to grow between the false nail and the real one.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Much like your skin, nails become irritated and dry when they come into contact with cleaners, soaps, and other chemical substances designed to break down or wash away oils. To avoid this damage, wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning to minimize contact. When you wear gloves, you can also apply some cuticle oil on your nails ahead of time for extra hydration.

Monitor Your Manicures

Like your hair, your nails can experience mechanical damage from rough handling. Take note of how you or your manicurist buffs, cuts cuticles, and cleans under your nails. If it seems a little too harsh, hurts, or causes separation between the nail and the skin, it’s likely causing damage. Pushing your own cuticles before an appointment or requesting that they be groomed gently is a good tip when visiting a nail salon.

Take a Break

We know that frequent nail treatments and removal can lead to damage and dryness. The most effective way to nourish your nails is by taking a break from polish, acrylics, gels, and dips every once in a while.

Try Nail Repair Products

There are a number of products that can help you restore nails that desperately need help or just a little boost. Use products like cuticle creams, nail oils, and strengthening serums to help strengthen your nails.

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