Which Lipstick Colors Should You Stick to for Fall?

Your mouth is one of the first things people see when they look at you. It’s always going to get noticed, and that’s why your lipstick is always going to be an important part of your overall look. Step out of your comfort zone and experiment with trendy fall lipstick shades that you may not have worn before. Fall fashion is all about dramatic color shades. Why shouldn’t you get your lips in on all the fun?

Burnt Orange

How bold do you feel? Dark orange shades are always going to look great in fall fashion, and that goes for your mouth, too. Dark orange lipstick looks amazing with gold or brown eye makeup. It’s a perfect fall color, and a good way to experiment with a shade you may not wear too often. Burnt orange lipstick pairs well with all the warm fall fashion colors that are trendy this year.

Deep Purple

Make your mouth a focal point with deep, dark purple lips. Dark lips immediately stand out, and they can help you create a stunning, deeply dramatic makeup look. Pair dark purple lipstick with metallic or glittery eye shadow in shades of silver, gray, bronze or pink. Dark purple is a great evening or nighttime lipstick shade.


Red is always going to be a go-to shade of lipstick. It’s a classic, and it’s perfect when you want your lips to stand out. But fall is the perfect time to try out a darker shade of red, like a rust or a burgundy, to pair with orange, brown or purple eye makeup. Dark red is always a trendy fall color, and it’s the right time of year to try a slightly darker lip shade.

If you’re afraid that dark lips will make your mouth look less full, add a coat of clear gloss. The gloss adds shine that makes your lips look plumper, so you won’t lose volume by using a darker lipstick. If you want to lighten your lip color a little, use a pale pink gloss with your rust-red mouth.


Metallic lipstick shades are always a little tricky, but fall gives you the perfect excuse to wear copper. It’s a great color for fall fashion, and copper lipstick pairs well with pink, orange, gold, red, brown and purple, so you have an entire spectrum of autumn shades to play with in your makeup design. Turn copper into your go-to fall lipstick, and have fun playing around with this versatile lip color. Copper lips work well with day or nighttime makeup looks.

Fall Lipstick Colors

Embrace the season, and try out different shades of lipstick for fall. If you usually do a light lip, have some fun with darker shades. If you’re strictly a matte mouth kind of gal, try some shiny copper or a glossy topcoat over your dark purple. Fall is a great time to experiment with different colors, new looks, lipstick shades you wouldn’t wear in spring. Go for drama in your fashion, and stick to lipstick colors that will make an impact on your look.

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  1. Hi, my name is Clara, and I want to say I now LOVE lipstick. The reason I say “now” is because when my ex-mother-in-law would tell me to put lipstick on so my lips would not chap, I didn’t like lipstick I used gloss; NOW I can’t go out the door without my lipstick, I even wear it at home without any other makeup. Thank you for considering me. YAY lipstick!

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