New Hair Color Trends In 2019

If you want feel up to date in 2019, try one of these new hair trends. This year is going to be filled with classic hair colors and a couple of brand-new trends that are sure to turn more than a few heads. Choose just one color to cement your look for the year, or play around with different shades to see which suits you best. To achieve the healthiest completed look, we recommend that you try on a few wigs with these tones so you can get an idea of how you’ll look before you dye your hair!

Ash Blonde

The gray-ish hair trend is still hot in 2019, but it also progressing. Rather than traditional gray or silver tones, consider dyeing your locks an ashy blonde. This is going to be a hot color this year, and it’s a truly great look. The silvery-gold look of ash blonde is always attention-grabbing, and it has a way of brightening up your face that will make you look a little more luminous.

Strawberry Honey

A new trend in 2019 hair is strawberry honey. This is golden blonde that’s been kissed with red to create a non-orangey look that can only be described as strawberry honey. Get the look with golden red lowlights and brighter blonde highlights. You’ll love this warm, multi-faceted hair look.


Add some coppery highlights to your brown locks to get a trendy color you’re going to be seeing everywhere this year. Copper is hot in jewelry, fashion and hair in 2019, so you basically just can’t go wrong with this color. If you really want to show off your coppery color, add some deeper auburn lowlights to your ‘do to create stunning contrast.


What is mushroom hair? Many say it’s going to be the hottest look of the year, so pretty soon you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Mushroom is a color that’s on the border of icy brown and blonde. It has an almost silvery sheen in a certain light, and it’s a cool, multi-faceted look that pairs beautifully with the current fashion and makeup trends that are in this year.

Cream Blonde

Though platinum blonde is a classic that will never be totally out of style, in 2019 hair color is getting just a little bit warmer. Go for a creamy blonde instead. This is a couple shades deeper and warmer than platinum, and it’s a color that’s already appearing on the fashion runways.

Inky Black

Want to make a stunning style statement? Dye your locks a rich inky black. Raven black hair has a gorgeous sheen to it, and this color looks amazing with multiple skin tones. It’s also a low-maintenance look. Blonde hair can be famously difficult to upkeep because dark roots create such an easy-to-see contrast. By contrast, deep black allows you to wait a little longer between touch-ups.


Many of Hollywood’s A-list celebs are already strutting around with coral locks. This is a peachy red color shade that looks warm and definitely turns heads. The orangish-pink tone of coral looks amazing when paired with a wide range of clothing colors, and it plays beautifully against many skin tone types.

Hot Hair

Make your hair look totally hot in 2019, and try one or more of these trendy colors. Who knows? You might dye your hair whatever color you choose for the rest of your life!

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