Playing the Doggy’s Advocate

Do you remember the time that puppies were (actually) pets? As Millennials start to take on adulting (hello meal prep and weekly budget), with a change in lifestyle and social circle, it’s common to develop dog fever. Whether or not you’re into the here-to-stay trend, it’s a fact: the fur baby is the new baby baby. From cuddling on the daily to playing fetch at the park, growing your family by one now starts with licks and leashes.

So, you’re thinking about becoming a dog owner? Here are all of the things that you won’t see on the ‘gram.

1. The (Super) Early Morning Walks

If you’re not used to waking up at the crack of dawn, get ready. Your new furry friend (although hopefully crate trained), will want to dash to the backyard right when they wake or find the closest fire hydrant. Get ready to add one more thing to your morning to-do list and swap an extra 20 minutes of sleep for an extra long winter day. Ps, don’t forget to bring along the pooper-scooper and biodegradable waste bag, it’s all about cleaning up after your dog before cupping your coffee.

2. The (Super) High Additional Costs

Depending on the breed, age and medical condition, purchasing a pooch can be pricey. After the initial cost of buying or adopting, (hopefully adopting), it’s time to consider both the basics: food, medical, supplies and possible training and the extras: toys, accessories, grooming and boarding. With many options on the market offering doggy daycare, puppy boot camp (and everything in between), brace yourself before pawing the bill. Plus, if you’re the type of pet owner to start a social account for your pup pal, you’ll probably need to spend some money on props before snapping pictures and showing off.

3. The Adult Curfew

Prepare to be that friend. You know, the one who is constantly breaking plans, re-scheduling get-togethers and leaving parties early to let out and care for your best bud. If the FOMO is real sans puppy, just wait.

Beyond the overall commitment, take into consideration your personal status: single vs. relationship. While the collar, cuddle and clean up situation is easier with two pet lovers in the mix, co-owning a dog is a big step. Tip: before getting your research on or visiting your favorite rescue, weigh the pros and cons.

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