How To Tackle Snoring If It’s Waking Your Partner Up

Snoring while sleeping alone is one thing, but having your partner complain about it is a different story. Snoring is an unconscious activity and having someone criticize what you’re doing when you can’t control it may hit deep.

However, if there’s something you’re doing knowingly or unknowingly that’s depriving your significant other from getting a good night’s rest after an exhausting day, rather than sulk in shame, it’s best you find a way to fix it. Luckily we’ve outlined a few different solutions below.

Switch positions

You’re more likely to snore in some sleep positions than others. Research proves that sleeping on your back causes the soft palate and the base of the tongue to fall to the back wall of your throat. This collapse causes the unconscious release of a vibrating sound during slumber. Switching positions and sleeping on your side or your stomach can reduce these chances.

However, it’s been reported that side sleeping can be hard on the body; to help combat that, you can get a body pillow. This will provide support in key areas to help align your body better.

Throw out the booze

There’s a chance you snore because you drink. This is because alcohol and other sedatives are known to limit the muscles’ resting tones at the back of your throat, thus making you snore. Studies even show that consuming alcohol up to 4 hours before sleep can contribute to heavy snoring from an individual.

Clear your airways

Snoring may be caused by blocked nasal passageways. Whether it’s from having a cold or allergies, try clearing your nose before bed. You can do this by using a saline spray or a decongestant.

You can also reduce or even stop snoring by using Breathe Right Strips on the bridge of your nose. The “spring-like” bands open your nasal passages from the outside, allowing more air in and reducing the risk of snoring.

Snoring isn’t a life sentence. It can be well managed and even cured. A combination of these solutions should help offer relief for your partner so that you both can get a good night’s sleep.

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