Your Zodiac Reveals What You’re Like In A Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we’re quick to point out the other person’s traits. Very seldom do we look at how our own personalities and habits play a part. Luckily, your zodiac sign reveals a lot about you. It can shed light on how you best show affection as well as your expectations for the relationship. Look below to see what yours say about what you’re like in a relationship:

Aries: Oh Aries, when it comes to finding love, you tend to fall for it very easily. You will act on a whim of passion. Only problem is, it may not always last long. Sometimes you can become a little jealous and possessive of your partner.

Taurus: You are known to be very sensual. Everything with you feels natural and not pushed. You also find carnal pleasure very important.

Gemini: In a relationship, you rely a lot more on intelligence than emotion. You have a tendency to have more than one romantic fling going on at once because you love to have fun.

Cancer: You tend to need a lot of reassurance in relationships.

Leo: When it comes to love, you are very generous, but you also like being the one in charge.

Virgo: You are a loyal and committed partner who will do whatever it takes to make your partner happy.

Libra: You are rather charming, Libra. You always want your partner to laugh and are always looking for the balance and equality in things.

Scorpio: Your relationships tend to be feisty and very intense. You rely on your instincts before anything.

Sagittarius: You are honest with the way you feel about things. You don’t care for tension or any sort of domestic quarrel. However, you do have a need for adventure at times.

Capricorn: Your love is long lasting and romantic. Sometimes you’re stubborn, which can be an issue for your partner.

Aquarius: You admire adventure in your relationship.

Pisces: You have no problems expressing your feelings, however you do allow yourself to be bedazzled by your love.

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