Y2K Fashion: What Was Trending 20 Years Ago?

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It’s a new year, and while we’re so excited for all of new trends 2022 will bring, we can’t help but think about what styles were popular just 20 years ago. For some of you, this will be a walk down memory lane, and for others, a history lesson. Let’s get started!

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Jeans With No Back Pockets

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First of all, jeans without back pockets made carrying around your metallic Lip Smacker next to impossible. But for some reason, we all wanted them. While you may be thinking that this makes jeans look like they’re missing something, you are correct. We truly have no explanation for this.

Popcorn Shirts

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We have recently seen these shirts make a comeback, so we feel the need to say that back in the early 2000s, these were beauty, these were grace, they were elegance and class. But we think this trend could have stayed in Y2K mode.

Pants With Words on the Booty

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Bedazzled or not, a single word such as “cutie” or “juicy” on the booty of your pants was always acceptable. This was how people could tell you were cool, and once again, we do not have an explanation for this.

Airbrushed T-Shirts

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Mall kiosk? Airbrushed T-shirt. Family vacation? Airbrushed T-shirt. School function? Airbrushed T-shirt. For some reason, these were pinnacle fashion – and the brighter, the better. These were always custom-made so you could get as creative as you wanted.

Rugby Shirts

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In the 2000s, it was acceptable to pair a rugby shirt with a miniskirt or distressed low-rise bell bottoms. We can say, from experience, the worst part was getting self-tanning lotion all over that crisp white collar.

Kitten Heels

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You could nab kitten heels as sandals, flats, or dress shoes. But our question is: Who needs to be exactly one inch taller, two inches at best?

How do you feel about these Y2K fashions? Do you think they should stay in the past or be brought back to life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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