When Winter White isn’t Flattering, Here Are 4 Other Cold Weather Colors to Try

Winter white looks gorgeous, but sometimes it can be a little bit bland. Make your winter looks pop by adding some bold, bright colors that will give you hot style in cold weather. Winter is often a bland, colorless season…but your wardrobe definitely doesn’t need to match.


Burgundy is a deep, rich color that’s full of warmth, and that makes it perfect for winter fashion. This is a great accent color for any cold weather outfit. Try adding a burgundy scarf to your ensemble, or give your look a splash of color with a burgundy belt or vest. This color shade pairs beautifully with other colors and looks great against winter white, too. Burgundy also looks festive during the winter holidays, and it will make you stand out even on those bleak, gray days.


Want to create a look you’ll love this winter? Go gold. Gold is a great color for winter because it matches so well with lots of other color shades, and it has a natural warmth to it. Gold also naturally catches the eye, and isn’t that what good fashion is all about? A gold blouse or sweater brightens up any outfit, but this color looks great in winter accessories like hats and scarves, too.


Purple is such a beautiful color, it was once reserved only for royals to wear. Purple looks so rich, it’s easy to understand why kings and queens wanted to keep it all to themselves. Dress in bold, stunning shades of purple this winter to get a look that’s worthy of royalty. Darker, deeper shades of purple look great in winter fashion, and they beautifully complement winter white. Experiment with different shades of bold purple to wear this color multiple ways in the same outfit.

Deep Orange

Orange is one of those colors can be a little bit daunting fashion-wise, but winter is a great time to experiment with this shade. Try adding a pop or two of deep orange to your winter outfit with a skirt, belt or sweater, and you’ll see that it can immediately warm up any look and brighten your style considerably.

What Not to Wear

When winter white is a little too stark and you’d rather create style that stands out, look for warm colors in rich shades. Blues tend to look cold, and grays blend a little too well with the winter environment, which can make you look washed out. Shy away from brown, too. It can be a warm color, but there tends to be a lot of brown in nature during the winter season, and you don’t want to blend in too well with the background.

Gorgeous Winter Fashion

Great winter looks should always catch the eye, stand out and flatter your own natural coloring. Mix winter white with pops of bright, bold color shades to create beautiful looks and show lots of style. To create beautiful fashion, start with amazing colors that brighten up all those drab, gray winter days.

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