Transitioning Minimalism to Summer

Image via Aritiza Wilfred Only slip dress

Embracing your own version of a summer wardrobe is what personal style is all about. Minimalism is a fun and trendy style to explore with minimum effort. From clothing to shoes to accessories, a minimalist wardrobe is easy to make your own.

What is minimalism? Simply put, it’s all about keeping shapes, colors, and layers simple. Keep reading to learn more about what a minimalist summer wardrobe should include and different ways to style each piece.

Silk Cami

A silk cami is a versatile addition to any wardrobe, especially if you’re going for a minimalist look. Opt for a cami in your favorite neutral with minimal or no lace or beading. If you’re going for a businessappropriate look, you can tuck your cami into your favorite pair of work trousers and throw a blazer on. Or, if you’re out and about on a Saturday, pair a silk cami with a delicate maxi skirt and your favorite slip-on sandals.

Our pick: J Brand Lucy Silk Camisole, $88.80 (shop here)

Short-Sleeve Tee

We’re talking a tried-and-true, perfectly-fitting, short-sleeve tee. Go with your favorite neutral so you can wear this piece with virtually anything in your closet. Pair your tee with shorts, destructed denim, trousers, or your favorite skirt.

The beauty of minimalism is that just a few pieces can create several chic and varied outfits. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Our pick: Madewell vintage tee, $16 (shop here)

Slip Dress

A slip dress is your perfect go-to summer dress. It’s so light and breezy and, again, super versatile. All lengths are fair game – you can opt for a short dress or go all the way and snag a maxi.

If you’re ready to break out the slip dress now, and the weather isn’t cooperating with you, don’t say no to throwing on a sweater or coat over it. You can always shed that later and, in the meantime, you’ll be ready to take on the day.

Our pick: Wilfred Only slip dress, $118 (shop here)

Linen Dress

It’s not summer if you don’t break out the linen. The linen dress is one of the best pieces to play with color. Sure, you can opt for your favorite neutral, but if you want the lavender, avocado green, or blue dress, get it.

Again, it’s one of those pieces you can throw on solo or with a jacket if you need to. Add your favorite slip-on sandal, and you’re ready to walk out the door. Odds are, even if you’re layering with this, it’s going to work for you. If the dress is the focal point of color, leave everything else neutral – shoes, handbag, and jewelry.

Our pick: Reformation Carsen dress, $178 (shop here)

Linen Pants

While we’re talking linen, let’s talk linen pants. So light, so comfy, and perfect for summertime. Pair them with a silk cami or a striped or graphic tee.

When choosing linen pants, we say opt for a neutral – white, beige, olive, black, whichever you think will go best with what you’ve got – then maybe have some fun with the length and shape. Go for a wide-leg trouser and button fly for an Italian Riviera moment. If that’s not your thing, opt for a cropped cut with a tie waist.

Oh, and don’t worry too much about wrinkles. Embrace a little imperfection.

Our Pick: The Frankie Shop pleated linen blend pants, $159 (shop here)

Sandal Slide

Slide sandal? Either way, these are the perfect shoes for your summer wardrobe. Here is where that whole “choose your favorite neutral in EVERYTHING” mantra brings us full circle. If you have a lot of earthy tones in your closet, go for an earthy sandal. When you put together a killer outfit, you don’t even have to think about shoes. The same goes for those of you who prefer a lot of black and white. Slide them on, and you’re out the door.

Our pick: Vagabond Shoemakers leather slide sandal, $90 (shop here)

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