The Biggest Piercing Trends You’re Bound To See More Of in 2020

The days of taking a trip to the mall to get your ear lobes pierced are long gone. There are many novel ways to express yourself through body modification. Thanks to Instagram, we’re able to explore more piercing options.

2020 is the year of stacking, where your one piercing now has several studs surrounding it. It’s all about unique placement and layering. Here are some of the biggest piercing trends you’ll be seeing more of in 2020.

Floating Cartilage

Getting your cartilage pierced used to mean getting the top of your ear pierced. Now people are getting the flat part of the top of the ear pierced. This unconventional spot allows for a piercing to lay flat, giving a delicate but bold statement.


Your conch is the inner ear. The popularity of ear cuffs sitting on that inner ridge has led many to get it pierced. Though it is often pierced with a stud to allow for swelling, many switch it out to a cute hoop afterward.


Instead of opting for just a basic ear piercing, many are looking to get an additional stud right alongside it. This looks amazing on the earlobe where instead of getting an additional piercing further up, you’d be getting it pierced in a spot just above the current piercing. People are doing this not only on their earlobe but with almost every ear piercing.

Nose Piercings

Both septum and nostril piercings have become more and more common over the last few years! We expect to see more of these this year. If you want to play with this look, they have magnetic earrings that you can try on your nose.


2020 has been a stressful year so far (to say the least), and it will lead to many people trying things they’ve always wanted to, like having fun with unconventional places.

Before getting any piercing done, we recommend doing your homework on studios in your area and researching proper aftercare. Those two factors are vital to making sure your piercing is done correctly and heals properly.

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