Style Tips for Body Confidence – No Matter Your Size

Whether you’re petite, plus-size, or shaped like a fruit, it seems like someone is always telling you what to wear – and, all too often, what not to wear. While we sometimes appreciate the help, today, we’re simply looking at styling tips that can help you feel more confident in the clothes you’re wearing, no matter your size.

Try On Different Sizes

You’ve probably tried on numerous garments that ended up fitting differently from how you thought they would. So when you’re trying on clothing in a store, be sure to bring in multiple sizes into your dressing room. And never be afraid to go up a size; the number (or letter) on the tag is not as important as how a piece looks and feels when you wear it.

Follow Women With Your Body Type

Fashion bloggers and stylists of different shapes and sizes share their fashion tips, trends, and outfit suggestions. If you ever feel uninspired, these influencers are sure to lift you up. And if you find one who has a similar body type as yours, it can be a great way to envision how their outfits will look on you.

Find a Good Tailor

If you’ve seen TLC’s What Not to Wear, you’ve heard this a million times: Find a good tailor. But, seriously, having a tailor alter your garments can make all the difference.

Do Not Simply Cover Up

You shouldn’t resort to baggy clothes to cover up your body. Of course, we want you to be comfortable, but we also want you to exude confidence. That can be difficult when you’re lugging around a ton of extra fabric. In short: Shapeless clothing is not flattering on anyone!

Add Some Color

We often hear women say they wear all black because it’s slimming. If this is you, consider that sweater in burnt orange or those pants in hunter green. Playing with different colors is part of the fun of getting dressed, and nobody should feel shamed into wearing dark colors all the time.

Wear the Crop Top

Just because you aren’t a size 0 doesn’t mean you can’t rock a crop top. If you need to ease into it, pair a crop top with a cardigan or blazer so that only a little skin shows.

Spend Time Finding the Best Jeans

Shopping for jeans can be a nightmare, but finding your best pair can be a lifesaver. Refer to our tip about trying on multiple sizes: Every shape and style will fit differently, so go into the dressing room open-minded.


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