2021 Fashion Trends to Revamp Your Style

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If your passion for fashion has fallen to the wayside in the year of loungewear, you’re not alone. Not to worry! 2021 brings along with it plenty of fashion trends worthy of your time, money, and coveted closet space.

Floral Prints

A pattern that signifies new beginnings feels like the perfect way to start a new year, which is why floral prints are expected to blossom this spring. These ethereal and natural looks will provide uplifting wardrobe choices to round out your collection with some much-needed positivity.

Our pick: Free People Maxi Dress, $168 (click here)

Bright Yellows and Grays

Pantone has announced that the colors of the year for 2021 will be bright yellow and gray, colors that, in combination, represent hope, unity, and stability, all of which are essential to moving forward.

You can expect this balance to be struck throughout the fashion world, with bold, bright colors balanced out by neutral, classic shades.

Our pick: Free People Jacket, $77 (click here) / Rag & Bone Knit Flare Pant, $195 (click here)

Retro Sneakers

Fashion is cyclical. While we can continue crossing our fingers that certain looks from the ’90s never make a comeback, there are still certain looks we can all vibe with, including retro footwear.

This year, as we transition from loungewear back into everyday attire, your footwear can be expected to make the transition a little more slowly, promoting comfort throughout the day, even if you’re no longer working from your couch.

And yes, your dad will probably rejoice that those New Balances he swears by are actually back in style. You win some, you lose some.

Our pick: New Balance x J. Crew 996 Sneakers, $80 (click here)

Sustainable Pieces

The preference, especially among millennial and Gen-Z shoppers, for sustainable clothes is not going anywhere. Sustainably-minded shoppers look for ethical practices in manufacturing, fair-wage labor, and corporate social responsibility.

Our pick: Pangaia PPRMINT Seaweed Fiber Longsleeve T, $95 (click here)

Baggy Jeans

The skinny jean fad keeps fading as bigger and baggier pants take their place in true ’70s fashion. The hippie-era flare jeans will see a return this year, and you can expect the bohemian look to continue dominating.

Thankfully, high waists will continue to help lengthen silhouettes, so we hope you haven’t ditched those high-waisted skinnies. Instead, maybe add a few baggier options to your jean collection.

Our pick: Zara Baggy Jeans, $39.90 (click here)

Androgynous Pieces

You can thank Harry Styles’ now-iconic Vogue cover for this one. The world of fashion has taken a firm stance in deciding anybody can be anything they want, and that’s a beautiful look in and of itself.

This year, you can expect more androgynous pieces: specifically tailored pieces with androgynous silhouettes. If you’re looking to play with a masculine/feminine look, it’s time to rejoice. This year, there are no boundaries.

Our pick: Dr Martens Platform Boots, $190 (click here)

Falling back into the swing of things and selecting new pieces for your wardrobe is worth getting excited over, and while we may not know what the year ahead brings along with it, one thing is for certain: we are all going to look fabulous, regardless.

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