TV Couples That Would(n’t) Last IRL

If you’re anything like us, you blow through TV series like it’s a part-time job. And since you do, you’re likely an expert on all the iconic TV couples: Marshall and Lily, Chandler and Monica, Jim and Pam, and the rest of the greats. Today, we’re here to pick apart some of the most notable duos in television history and decide whether they would still be couples IRL.

Cory and Topanga – Boy Meets World

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Our Diagnosis: Would Make It

Give me that old-school Disney Channel love! Cory and Topanga are the definition of soulmates in our eyes: They grew up together, stuck by each other through thick and thin, and had a family together. They broke up a few times throughout the Boy Meets World series, but like magnets, they always gravitated back toward each other.

Jake and Amy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Our Diagnosis: Would Make It

There’s something about frenemies-to-lovers arches that make us go crazy – and Jake and Amy are no exception. Despite their bickering in early seasons, viewers could tell something special was brewing with every insult and eye roll. We live for the foundation of support and trust their friendship (and eventual relationship) is built on. They know how to compromise and communicate. And did you see the episode where they talk about having kids? Sob-worthy.

Robin and Ted – How I Met Your Mother

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Our Diagnosis: Wouldn’t Make It

Are we in the minority with this? The HIMYM series finale is one of the most controversial endings in sitcom history, and it still makes our stomachs churn whenever we think of it. If the show had ended in season 2 or 3, we might’ve been happy with Robin and Ted ending up together, but watching them try and fail repeatedly makes us think they are better off as friends.

Dean and Rory – Gilmore Girls

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Our Diagnosis: Wouldn’t Make It

Dean and Rory were cute at first, but once Rory started integrating into her high-class world a little more, Dean began to feel left behind. They’d be the couple we’d randomly think of one night, years after graduation, and stalk on social media, only to find that they’re doing entirely different things.

Jesse and Becky – Full House

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Our Diagnosis: Would Make It

We think Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky were the first adult couple we fawned over on TV. They fell for each other fast but weren’t blinded by passion. They kept their own lives outside of their relationship and had a genuine drive to push the other to be better. (For example, Becky motivated Jesse to get his GED). Absolute couple goals.

Rachel and Ross – Friends

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Our Diagnosis: Wouldn’t Make It

This one is hard, and we know we’ll get a lot of flack for it, but it must be said: Rachel and Ross wouldn’t last. Yes, their storyline on Friends had us screaming into our pillows for 10 years, but Ross had some deeply rooted trust issues, and Rachel tended to misconstrue things and go about arguments wrong. They’d be the couple that needed interventions time and time again.

Luke and Lorelai – Gilmore Girls

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Our Diagnosis: Would Make It

They had a lot of back-and-forths, but the underlying message with each witty comment was, “I care about you.” Luke and Lorelai never let each other down. They were one another’s soft spots, proven on more than one occasion: Luke buying her basket, Lorelai going to his Thanksgiving, and Luke telling her about the first time they met. They’d be the couple with a lot of fun stories and meaningful advice.

Jess and Nick – New Girl

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Our Diagnosis: Would Make It

And now, the couple to end all couples: Jessica Day and Nick Miller. From the pilot, it was clear that these two were endgame. But outside of that, we appreciate how their relationship wasn’t fictionalized to an unrealistic degree. It was relatable, and some of the issues they went through hit home for many viewers. They taught us that relationships can be complicated and that friendship is the foundation of love. They’d be the couple you’d announce were “made for one another” on their wedding day – champagne glass held high with tears in your eyes.

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