Relationship Journaling 101

Whether you fancy yourself a relationship guru or could use all the help you can get, we have a beneficial practice for you: relationship journaling. Let’s discuss!

What Is Relationship Journaling?

Relationship journaling is like any other type of journaling, only you carve out time to do it with your partner, and the journaling prompts focus on your relationship. Once you have time to reflect and write, you and your partner will share your thoughts and feelings.

Benefits of Relationship Journaling

Much like traditional journaling, there are some significant benefits to relationship journaling.

Improved Communication

Conversations can be difficult, but journaling your thoughts and feelings on paper can improve communication immensely. Initially, it may feel weird or uncomfortable, but after a few prompts, you should get the hang of it. Not only will relationship journaling sessions become easier, but you’ll notice how easily you can discuss all kinds of topics.

Allows You to Focus on Your Relationship

Most of us probably don’t designate time to focus solely on our relationship; relationship journaling does just that.

Encourages Self-Awareness

Sometimes, we need to take an honest look at ourselves without worrying about whether we’re right or wrong. Relationship journaling gives you the opportunity to self-reflect and ask your partner for feedback. Then, you do the same for them.

Sometimes It’s Just Easier

Sometimes, it’s easier to write down our feelings and then speak about them.

Deepens Connections

Carving out time to answer questions about your relationship and then sitting down with your partner to discuss your feelings will help you grow and deepen your connection.

Tips for Relationship Journaling

Be Totally Honest

If you aren’t honest, journaling won’t work for you. Think about each prompt and jot down your thoughts and feelings.

Make Journaling a Habit

Pick a time of day that works for both of you and commit a certain amount of time to it – no excuses. For example, if you’re both morning people who love to have coffee and breakfast together, this could be the perfect time to squeeze in your journal prompt.

Journals Don’t Have to Be Pen and Paper

If traditional pen and paper isn’t your thing, find something that works for you. Journaling can happen on a laptop or in the Notes app on your phone.

Keep Your Media Close

Whether it’s a journal, a document, or a note, keep your journal nearby so that you can jot things down during the day.

Set the Scene

Make journaling fun! Have some snacks, put on music, light candles…whatever you consider a fun scene, create it.

Relationship Journal Prompts

Here are a few journal prompts to get you started:

  • What does a healthy relationship look like to you?
  • What does a toxic relationship look like to you?
  • Describe what romance means to you.
  • How do you communicate love to your partner?
  • How do you want love communicated to you?
  • Is it easy or difficult for you to ask for help when needed? Why?
  • How has your childhood impacted your current and future relationships?
  • What can your partner do to cheer you up when you’re feeling down?
  • Share something you learned from past relationships and how it has influenced your current relationship.
  • What is a particular date or moment you had together that was something to remember? Why was it so special to you?
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