How to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

Relationships aren’t easy, but you likely already know that, hence why you’re reading this article. You know that relationships are complex, but you also know that they take work, and through effort, we can make our relationships healthy and rewarding.

The phrase “communication is key” is well known because it’s held for as long as it’s existed. One of the most effective ways to improve and sustain a relationship is to strengthen and maintain healthy communication in that relationship. Here are some helpful tips on how to improve communication in your relationship.

To Communicate, You Have to Listen

One of the hardest parts of communicating requires saying nothing at all — listening. It’s crucial for healthy communication that both you and your partner practice consciously listening to each other, which means waiting till the other person is done speaking before you start speaking. Make sure that you fully understand their point of view.

An excellent strategy for active listening is to repeat back to your partner what your understanding of their position is once they finish speaking. The goal is to understand your partner’s point of view accurately and not misrepresent it for the sake of winning an argument or miss important details while starting to craft your rebuttal.

Dont Let Comfort Undo Communication

As we spend more time with our partner and become more comfortable and secure with the relationship, some extra effort we showed in the early stages can fade away. Attempt to keep your communication strong by including what fades away — flirting and compliments. Just because your partner is already with you doesn’t mean the value of flirtation and compliments decreases. By keeping the compliments and the flirting flowing, you’ll continually keep your relationship fresh.

Have a Relationship Check-Up

Just like we still go to the doctor’s office for an annual check-up, even when we feel healthy, it’s vital to perform a check-up on our relationship. You can start hosting a relationship check-up by making time every month when you check-in with each other. Assess how the relationship is going, talk about any concerns, and discuss where you feel improvement could work. Relationship check-ups are great for catching small issues before they evolve into bigger problems.

Improving communication in your relationship is an excellent way to protect and nourish your relationship. Try these tips for getting on the road towards improved communication.

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