Hardballing and Other Dating Trends

The pandemic has caused many people to reconsider their dating philosophies, resulting in new dating trends (and some new terms to add to your vocabulary). Let’s explore!

Hard Balling

We’ll start with one of the most notable new dating trends: hardballing. In short, hardballing means that you are dating for a purpose and will quickly step away from anyone who doesn’t fulfill your requirements. The pandemic gave many singles time to think about what they really want out of a relationship – and what qualities or traits are deal-breakers. As a result, they have become more comfortable with being alone and aren’t afraid to cut others off at any early signs of trouble (a sort of “don’t waste my time” mentality). These individuals are much more direct about their needs and more likely to speak their minds about them!

Intentional Dating

Related to hardballing, intentional dating is a term used to describe people keen on spending their dating time wisely and avoiding behaviors or conversations that get them nowhere. Because people couldn’t meet up instantaneously during the pandemic, they were forced to build relationship foundations beyond just the physical. If you were once happy to date someone you chatted with briefly online but now wait to make plans until you are sure that person has potential, then you are intentionally dating.

Green Dating

The eco-conscious behaviors of companies can influence consumers to buy their products. Likewise, eco-conscious behaviors are starting to affect dating. The term green dating describes people who date others with environmental or sustainable values similar to their own.


Not all new dating trends are healthy. Remember ghosting? Benching is reminiscent of that, as it refers to the practice of leading others on while you figure out if you like them enough or while you pursue someone else – just in case things don’t work out. Dating behaviors like benching can seriously impact someone’s mental health and self-worth, as people “on the bench” are often unaware they are playing backup. If you suspect someone is benching you, leave them behind and remember that you deserve better!

Have you experienced or partaken in any of these new dating trends? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


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