10 Signs You’re Actually Emotionally Well and Happy

We often forget to appreciate the good times in our lives, and tend to focus instead on the bad things. Below are ten signs that you are actually doing well, and you are emotionally healthy and happy.

You Are In Touch With Your Emotions

If you can’t identify your own emotions, then you won’t be able to determine how to manage them. Knowing what you are feeling is an excellent sign of emotional stability as you have learned to understand your emotions and how they work.

You Rebound From Failure

Failure is an unavoidable part of life. However, our approach to it is what defines us. Emotionally healthy people don’t resort to negativity, but instead focus on the things they are in control of. They try to learn from the situation!

You Trust There Is A Reason For Everything

If you can understand and find meaning even in the traumatic events, you are showing a high level of emotional strength. You should search for what you can gain from each experience.

You Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself even in the worst moments is a sign of happiness and an overall good mental state.

You Understand There Is A Bigger Picture

You realize that everything you do has a reaction and can have consequences. Taking time to consider how your actions will affect you is a telling sign of your emotional health.

You Are Resilient

If you can help yourself achieve the goals you set out to do without giving up, you are on the right path.

You Are A Skilled Communicator

Learn to communicate clearly, but also listen with the intent to hear and see the other side. Don’t just rehearse your response in your head while the other person is speaking. Try to listen and understand what they are saying.

Solid Connections

Emotionally healthy people form stable connections with others in their lives. This shows their emotional availability and willingness for commitment.

You Accept Help

Emotionally stable people are ready to accept help during hard times. If you understand that help and support from your loved ones is essential, it’s a sign you are emotionally well.

You Are Willing To Grow

You realize that you are not perfect, and that you should learn and grow through the experiences in your life.

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