Unconventional New Year’s Resolutions to Consider

New Year’s Day is just days away, which means it’s time to think about your resolutions for 2024. You could add “eat healthier,” “work out more,” or “drink less alcohol” to the list, but you could also look beyond these cliché resolutions (which, let’s be honest, never pan out as we’d hoped) and try more unconventional options. Here are some suggestions!

Try a New Food Each Week

Instead of limiting yourself to the latest fad diet, add a new healthy food to your meal plan every week. Think about different vegetables or unique fruits. For example, you may have never considered eating dragon fruit or plantains. Broaden your horizons, and you may be amazed by what food variations you fall in love with.

Create a To-Don’t List

A to-don’t list is a great way to keep your boundaries clear and concise. Some to-don’t items will come easily to you; for others, you’ll have to dig deep into your inner rebel. For example, add saying no to things you’d usually have FOMO about or limiting appointments per week to free up personal time.

Learn Something New

Is there something you always wanted to learn as a kid but never had the time or courage to do so? Well, this year, resolve to pursue whatever your inner child desires! It could be learning to ride a bike, cook, or play an instrument. Just keep your eye on the prize!

Travel on a Small Budget

Traveling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! If you sacrifice a little here and there, you can put more money in the bank and have a good time. Every vacation doesn’t have to be 100% luxurious, right?

Get Into DIY

DIY projects take patience, but we believe you can do anything you set your mind to! Start with small projects like repainting a bookshelf or replacing old hardware on drawers.

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