The Complete History of The Taylor Swift and Kanye Feud

It’s the celeb feud we hate to love, but it’s recently been reignited again! But where did the Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud originate? Here’s everything you need to know about the infamous fall out between the country-singing sweetheart and one of America’s most controversial rappers.

That Grammy’s Speech 

It all started back in 2009 when Taylor Swift won the award for best female video for her hit ‘You Belong With Me,’ and Kanye stormed the stage during her acceptance speech. Not only did he interrupt her and ruin one of the most significant moments of her career so far, but he also grabbed the mic and said that Beyonce should have won the award instead – ouch.

You probably remember just how awkward this moment was, and it’s not something thats quickly forgotten, although Kanye took to his Twitter the next day to issue an apology (which was later deleted).

The Song Reference 

The year later, Taylor performed her song ‘Innocent’ at the Grammy’s, which references a 32-year-old (Kanye was 32 at the time) that is ‘still growing up.’ There was a lot of speculation that she wrote it about Kanye. Kanye didn’t directly respond to this.

Kanye Has ‘No Regrets’ 

A few years later, in an interview, Kanye states that he has no regrets about the whole incident which is a little confusing considering he issued an apology?


Fast forward to 2015, and the duo seems to have made up with Taylor even presenting Kanye an award at the VMAs and referring to him as a ‘friend’ – Kanye then also sent her flowers. It was at this point, we thought they had put everything to bed, but we couldn’t have been more wrong!

Those Lyrics 

The feud was then reignited over what can only be described as one huge misunderstanding? Kanye released his single ‘Famous,’ which featured lyrics referring to Taylor. He did, however, claim to have got the approval from her before he released the song. Taylor reacted by saying it shocked her that Kanye would release such misogynistic lyrics about her, and she was also livid about the music video, which depicted several artists (including Taylor) naked.

Kim Kardashian Steps In 

With the constant ‘he said she said’ drama about the Famous lyrics, Kim Kardashian West herself posted a video of the phone conversation Kanye and Taylor had where he explained the lyrics to her. Taylor still insisted that she wasn’t aware of the context of the song, though, and was still unhappy.

Kimye Digs 

Taylor’s album at the time ‘Reputation’ was released and was allegedly full of Kimye digs and references.

2020 – The Feud Reignites

Just as we thought the feud was finally over, they proved us wrong. Someone leaked an unedited version of the phone call between Kanye and Taylor, confirming that Taylor was, in fact, telling the truth. Kim then responded, calling Taylor out for being ‘self-serving’ in a time where millions of people were suffering.

When, and how, will it end?

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