The Best Paint Colors for Every Room of Your Home

Painting your walls is a great way to freshen up any space in your home. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to decide what colors to choose! Here, we discuss some of the best paint colors to use for every room of your home.


For the bedroom, it’s best to choose a calm, cozy, neutral hue such as pale gray or off-white that exudes relaxing energy. You may also consider painting your ceiling to have a more enclosed, balanced space. For example, if you choose a pale gray for your bedroom walls, paint your ceiling in the same or similar tone.


There are many places to incorporate color in your kitchen, from the walls to the cabinetry. If you want a bolder space, select a vibrant blue or green for your cabinets to give a dramatic, eye-catching effect. To keep things more neutral, try a smokey taupe. You can then add pops of color by selecting colorful appliances.

Home Office

If you get distracted easily, your home office needs a calming presence with a color that doesn’t prevent you from getting work done – like a beige, soft gray, or earthy green. If your job is more creative, you could consider a more playful shade like pale pink or peach.

Living Room

Your living room is a place to both unwind and entertain guests. A subtle color like off-white will enhance your home decor and make your furniture pop. With that said, a warmer accent wall, such as a deep blue, green, or even yellow, can add a bit of personality and flair to your space.


While whites, beiges, and grays still reign in traditional bathrooms, this room of the house is another place you can mix things up and get creative. For example, deep blues or purples create a stunning, bold look, especially against white finishes.


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