Social Media Tips to Up Your Instagram Game

Want to be an influencer? Or maybe you just want more likes or some new online friends. Either way, here are some tips from a social media marketer that will help you up your Instagram game and grow your network.


If you want your account to grow, you have to use it regularly. If your followers feel a connection to you, they are more likely to interact with you! So when they do, interact right back. Respond to comments, answer messages, follow active followers back, and like the posts of accounts that like yours. This is also good for getting Instagram’s algorithm to place you higher in your followers’ feeds.

The Rule of 3-2-1

Looking for new followers? The best place to start is on an account similar to yours. If you tend to review budget clothing, find an influencer in the same niche and see who follows them. Your best followers will become friends, so target people to whom you can relate.

Once you find someone who might be a good fit for your content, use the rule of 3-2-1. You want to spark their interest, so you need to get them to notice you. A good way to make this happen without being too invasive is to like a few of their recent photos, leave some photo comments, and give the account a follow.

Make Use of Stories

Instagram stories is an amazing tool for influencers and marketers of all types! The polls and other interactive features let you involve your followers in decisions and respond to their opinions. People love when their voices are heard, so you should absolutely take advantage of this and make it clear that you’re listening.

Need more reasons to love stories? You can link items in them, which means if you have an affiliate link or want to drive traffic to a certain website, you can easily do so! Plus, being active with stories is believed to have a positive impact on your posts’ reach based on the Instagram algorithm. Note that the swipe-up feature becomes available once you’ve reached 10,000 followers, and you have a public business account. If you get verified, you don’t need more than 10,000 followers!

Branding & Graphics

Think about your favorite social media accounts. They all likely have consistent branding across their posts and channels, as well as a scattering of branded story or quote graphics. You want to be seen with the same level of professionalism to show your followers that you care and know what you’re talking about!

So, how can you create branded elements and graphics? If you know how to use Adobe Creative Suite, you might use some combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and InDesign. But if you, like many social media marketers, are not a full-on graphic designer, you can utilize a tool like Canva.

Canva offers tons of pre-made templates for social media and print materials of all types. You can easily pick one, then swap out images and colors to make it your own. Most elements are drag-and-drop, and the features of the tool are very intuitive for users. If you upgrade to Canva Pro, you can create a brand kit of colors and elements to use across designs.

Commitment and continuous action based on these simple tips will boost your engagement and grow your social media following. By properly branding and engaging with people on Instagram, you can obtain loyal followers and build the power of influence! Good luck, and enjoy your new and improved, amped-up Instagram account.


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