If You Don’t Have an Air Fryer Yet…You Need One

There’s a lot of hype these days around air fryers and healthy cooking. But is this kitchen appliance really as good as all the raving reviews claim? We think yes. Here’s why!

What Is an Air Fryer?

We’re told that fried foods negatively impact our health, so why is an air fryer seen as a way to improve your eating? To understand this, you have to understand why fried foods are bad. It’s not necessarily the contents of the foods themselves – it’s the oil they’re cooked in! The oils used in deep fryers are linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight gain. In contrast, an air fryer creates that same crispy taste you love about fried food using air instead of oil, which is why this cooking method is preferred.

How It Works

The air fryer can be a bit of a mystery if you aren’t familiar. The concept of cooking with air seems too good to be true! In reality, it’s not that much different than your regular oven. The compact appliance cooks with heat. But unlike your oven on the regular bake setting, it circulates hot air using a fan. This lets your food cook faster. Another perk is that the removable basket is typically ventilated so the hot air can cook and crisp up every single side of your favorite snacks.

The Benefits of an Air Fryer

You may already know some of the benefits of an air fryer: faster cook times, less oil, and more crunch. But there are other benefits! Air fryers are a go-to for cooking frozen foods. The heat and air combo magically prevents fish sticks, chicken nuggets, cheese curds, and other frozen options from getting soggy after being stored in the freezer.

If you eat meat, you might want to consider using an air fryer for that as well. Air fryers have a way of creating crisp skins that are unparalleled by any other method we’ve tried. Chicken is a great food to illustrate the added flavor and crispiness an air fryer can offer.

Other Food Ideas

Air fryers are incredibly versatile! They make cooking healthy snacks like apple chips, crispy chickpeas, roasted nuts, veggie chips, and roasted veggies a breeze. They’re also perfect for small main courses like salmon, chicken tenders, or bagel pizzas. You can also use an air fryer to get creative with fun foods like taquitos, egg rolls, crab rangoons, croutons, or potato skins!

Are you convinced yet? The hottest cooking appliance is definitely the air fryer, and if you haven’t purchased one yet, it’s time. This tool will change the way you cook and eat for the better!

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