How to Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Every day brings something new, but the way we start our day can say a lot about how it will go. When you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed,” odds are, it’s going to be a long, challenging day. These tips can help to ensure you begin your day on a positive note.

Enjoy Some Fresh Air

Getting outside in the morning to sip a cup of coffee on your porch, go for a jog, or take a quick walk are easy ways to bring forward a little positivity. Nature can be relaxing and enjoyable, so you may feel more energized, positive, and overall happy when you start your day with some fresh air.


Meditation is good for you for a variety of reasons, including reducing stress, anxiety, pain, depression, and blood pressure. The practice is all about mindfulness, encouraging yourself to live in the moment and be conscious of all that is around you. It can also help you to shape what kind of day you want to have.

Don’t Check Your Phone

Odds are, one of the first things you do when you wake up is reach for your phone. You may think you are getting a jump-start on things, but you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. Checking your phone first thing in the morning can set the tone for the day as one of distraction. Additionally, it can negatively impact your ability to prioritize tasks, which may lead to an unproductive day as a whole.

Grab Something to Eat

We’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, there is a significant amount of truth to that statement. Breakfast literally breaks up your period of fasting while you sleep, helping to replenish your glucose, which gives you energy. So it’s not only important that you eat breakfast but that you are choosing healthy options to set yourself up for success for the day.

Get Ready With Some Good Noise

Your morning routine can be monotonous, which is why listening to something you enjoy while you get ready can help change up the game. Podcasts, music, audiobooks, or any other audio entertainment can help you to energize yourself for the day ahead.

The Bottom Line

Your mood often dictates how your day goes, which is why it’s so important to start your day on a positive note. Use these tips as a great starting point. And let us know in the comments below what tips you use to wake up on the right side of the bed!

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