How to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Stick

Champagne toasts, kisses, and confetti are typical markers of a New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s a holiday filled with optimism and possibility that sets the tone for the year to come. This cheeriness and sense of renewal carry over into our first weeks of the new year. Perhaps due to these feelings of limitless potential, our New Year’s resolutions often prove overambitious and challenging to maintain after the energy of the new year wears off.

At Think Glamor, we recognize that a resolution is a powerful act that can be life-changing—but only if you stick with it. This year, we want to set you up for success with a few tricks for creating resolutions that will become healthy habits.

Take Time for Reflection

Reflecting on what you want to achieve in the new year is one of the best ways to start your resolutions. We encourage you to write down some fundamental changes you want to see in your life and what you can reasonably do to make it happen. Having these ideas laid out in front of you will also help to organize and prioritize your goals.

Keep It Simple and Make It Fun

You might think your goals have to be challenging for them to be worthwhile, but that’s not the case. If you’re looking to work out more in 2021 but haven’t done so since the early aughts, then maybe getting a gym membership isn’t the move for you. Instead, take on a new sport that interests you, like running, surfing, or dancing. That way, you have the opportunity to develop friendships with other people in your classes, and you have a fun yet straightforward activity to put on your calendar.

Use SMART Goals

If some of this year’s resolutions carry over from last year, they might need extra organizing to achieve. (Hello, language learning!) That’s where the SMART goals framework comes into play.

This management tool is an acronym that lays out criteria for creating goals. Your objectives should be Specific (narrow your idea down to one thing), Measurable (determine what your proof of progress will be), Attainable (triple-check that this goal is something you can accomplish within your timeframe), Relevant (your goals should be in line with your long-term aspirations), and Time-bound (creating an end-date for your purpose helps to stay motivated and prioritize). This strategy works whether you’re running a business or making a New Year’s resolution.

Find A Partner

One of the best ways to reach your goals this year is to have a friend hold you accountable. You can be each others cheerleaders at each milestone in your goal setting. Whether you live down the street from your friend or in another country, you can keep your goal buddy updated and encourage one another to keep it up until the end date.

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