How to Get on the Right Path to Earning Your Next Big Work Promotion

Are you on the right path in your career? Do you expect a promotion in the near future? Below, we have the tips, tricks, and everything else you should know to ensure you are heading toward your next work promotion.

Don’t Assume You Deserve a Promotion Based on the Time You’ve Been Employed

Many people think that a promotion is guaranteed after putting in enough time at a company, but that’s not the case. Businesses today don’t automatically promote employees just because they’ve reached their one-year, five-year, or even 10-year anniversary. Instead, promotions are typically based on the work put into a position, dedication to the company and team, and the skill set brought to the table.

Expand Your Skills and Take on New Responsibilities

Making yourself invaluable is an important step in earning your next promotion. Learning skills that others don’t have and taking on new responsibilities that your colleagues shy away from will make your superiors look at you as a winning employee. This can put you at the head of the line for job advancement.

See Projects Through

Being able to own a project from the very beginning to the end is a highly attractive quality for employees – no matter the company. Prove to your supervisor that you can do this by taking on a project and sticking with it until it’s complete.

Think Big: Strategize Your Future and Plan Ahead

If you’re looking to earn a big promotion, you must be prepared to change your day-to-day work life. With more money comes more responsibility. So it’s important to examine what these new responsibilities will look like. What will your bigger role be? Can you handle this new career path? More complex and challenging tasks may be added to your plate, and you’ll have to be prepared to tackle them.

Ask Where You’re Excelling and Where You Need Improvement

Asking for advice or feedback will rarely do you harm. Schedule a meeting with your manager and try to see yourself through their eyes. Ask the right questions about how you’re an asset to the company, then catch them by surprise and inquire about what you could do to be a better employee – more resourceful, more efficient, etc. Communicate to your supervisor that you’re hoping to earn a promotion in the near future. Find out what opportunity might be available and what else you need to do to get it.

Do you have any tips for securing that next big work promotion? Share with us in the comments below!


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