How to Design a Soothing Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your ultimate safe space. It’s one of the most intimate areas of a home where you can relax, no matter how bad your day has been. So how can you ensure that the craziness of common areas like the kitchen and living room don’t carry over into your bedroom sanctuary? Try these tips to create a bedroom that will soothe you right to sleep.

Start With the Bed

The most important item in a bedroom is, obviously, the bed. If you’re going to spend money anywhere, this is it, whether that means investing in a new mattress or enhancing your current mattress with a new topper. Not sure what type of mattress is right for you? Good Housekeeping put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect mattress.

Your bedding is important, too! Make sure that your sheets are soft, not scratchy, and that you have multiple blankets that provide varying levels of warmth to accommodate changing temperatures. Finish it off with a plush comforter and plenty of pillows and throws that make your bed look extra-inviting.

Tailor Your Color Palette

What does red make you feel? Angry? What about blue? Does that make you feel calm? Pay attention to the subconscious messages your room is sending through color. Look to whites and gentle shades of blues, greens, or grays. If you want more color, stick to soft pastels.

Add Some Life

Plants can be a great addition to your bedroom, so long as you keep them minimal and make sure they require little maintenance. Plants will not only look good, but they will require you to open up the windows for some natural light and fresh air during the day! Exposure to the sun is an instant mood-booster that might just help you unplug from the stresses of life.

Lighten Up

Just like sunlight, artificial lighting can impact our moods. Use warm or soft white bulbs rather than blue-toned ones, and look for lamps with dimmers. The power to adjust your lighting will let you read in bed without eye strain or watch a movie while you wind down.

Kick Clutter to the Curb

A messy or cluttered room is the opposite of relaxing. Take items that have wandered into your bedroom from elsewhere back to where they belong, and get rid of or donate items that don’t serve a purpose or have deep meaning to you.

After a long day, you just want to retreat and relax. That’s what bedrooms are for! By focusing on what soothes you and eliminating sources of stress, you can transform your bedroom into a personal oasis.

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