Fun Adult Board Games to Gift this Holiday Season

Indoor family fun is more limited than outdoor family fun: You can’t throw a ball around, go for a long hike, or host a barbecue. But you can play fun adult board games! So, why not gift your loved ones one of these games this holiday season that will create laughter and memories?

For a Group of Close Friends or Family: Blank Slate ($24.99, shop here)

Your close friends and family know you better than anyone, right? Put that to the test by playing Blank Slate. The goal is to write down the same answer as another player, but try not to put the most common answer down. If too many people guess the same, only one point will be awarded. If only two people guess the same, three points will be awarded. May the best phrases win.

For People Who Love Word Associations: Codenames ($24.99, shop here)

If you’re into word association, pick up Codenames immediately. One person from each team views the “grid card” to see which words they have to give clues for. Clues come in the form of one word and one number. So, for example, a clue may be “countries, three.” This would mean that three countries are on the board that their teammates have to guess to clear their turn. If they guess incorrectly, the opposing team is up. This charade continues until all the highlighted words are guessed by one team – or the “assassin card” is guessed.

Another Word Game Choice: Tapple ($21.99, shop here)

Get to tapping! Tapple is a word game that’ll pick your brain from the start. Select a category card and race the clock to beat your opponents. An example would be the category card “pizza toppings.” Once pulled, you’ll knock letters down with your words: P for pepperoni, S for sausage, B for bacon, etc. Don’t hesitate; you only have 10 seconds once your turn approaches to answer, or you’ll be eliminated. The last one standing wins the round!

For a Quick Sports Competition: Klask ($59.99, shop here)

Are you looking for good old-fashioned head-to-toe competition? Look no further than Klask. In this air hockey/foosball tabletop board game, you’ll battle each opposing player for 10 minutes. Control your pawns with the magnets under the game board, and be quick! It’s easy to play and take anywhere.

For Card Game Lovers: Rummikub ($17.99, shop here)

Like many card games, only two people are needed for Rummikub, but the more, the merrier! The same rules apply as traditional rummy, but in this rendition, you play with tiles – a cool twist on an old favorite. Plus, the smiley face cards that can go anywhere and do anything make it super interesting. You’ll have to play to find out!

What are some of your favorite adult board games? Share them with us in the comments below!

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