Eye-Opening Documentaries Everyone Should See

Every once in a while, a story comes along that spins everything you thought you knew on its head. These documentaries are not only some of the most eye-opening ones available on Netflix, but they are also endlessly entertaining, undeniably heartbreaking, and overall important for everyone to see.

Seaspiracy (Watch here)

This documentary started as one thing and evolved very quickly into something new altogether. Without giving too much away here, the documentarians believed they were on a quest to learn more about ocean protection, in specific, the impact of whaling. What they uncovered was so much larger than that, and it’s overwhelmingly frustrating.

One of the biggest takeaways of Seaspiracy is that we, on an individual level, can make a difference when it comes to ocean conservation. This film sheds light on a problem you likely didn’t know existed, and it also gives you an outlet through which you can take this information and actually put your knowledge into practice.

Disclosure (Watch here)

At a time where transgender rights have grown to the forefront of the social justice plight for equality, this documentary has never been more relevant. Disclosure dives into the ways that transgenderism is depicted in the film industry. What the documentary reveals is a long struggle within the transgender community for fair and respectful representation in movies and television.

Though transgender representation continues to improve and evolve, this documentary is a major eye-opener that makes you rethink the way that the transgender community has been characterized historically. If you want to stay current on the latest revolution in the fight for equality, you don’t want to miss this one.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron (Watch here)

As the only series on the list, this one is well worth your viewership. Down to Earth is entirely centric on global environmental practices and covers just about every topic you can think of, and in places you may not even be familiar with.

You don’t need to be a fan of host Zac Efron to enjoy this series, though it certainly doesn’t hurt, as he and wellness pro Darin Olien are on a mission to learn more about how we can protect the world we live in by diving into the practices already deployed in areas all around us. It’s eye-opening, light-hearted, and totally entertaining.

Kiss the Ground (Watch here)

This documentary is a star-studded one that looks at the ways we can improve our environment through the lens of farming practices. The documentary delves deep into something called the “new, old approach,” which is essentially a method of farming that’s said to balance our climate while simultaneously improving water and feeding the world.

Yes, those are big initiatives, but they are also seemingly possible. If not simply to learn more about the initiative, tune into this one for Woody Harrelson’s narration and celebrity support from individuals such as Ian Somerhalder, Gisele Bundchen, Jason Mraz, and Rosario Dawson.

Blackfish – Available on HULU (Watch here)

By this point, you’ve likely already heard of this documentary, but hearing about it and watching it are two entirely different things. The film centers on the killer whale Tilikum, known for performances in captivity. More famously, the whale is the known culprit of the deaths of three individuals.

While the story could easily dwell on the tragedy, it instead takes an opportunity to advocate for the removal of whales from captivity. It’s heartbreaking, challenging to watch, and still incredibly important to view. It also sparks questions about the use of sentient animals in general for entertainment purposes, and we are all for having that conversation.

Food, Inc. – Available on DVD.com (Watch here)

If you’re a meat-eating individual before watching this film, you’ll likely re-evaluate your choices by the end of it. Food Inc. looks directly into the world of corporate farming within the United States, looking at multiple elements that can be challenging for some viewers.

Yes, this documentary is over ten years old. Yes, there are still individuals out there that haven’t seen it and that still should. It’ll shed light on the environmental impact, the abuse of animals, and even the abuse of employees.

Even if documentaries aren’t your typical cup of tea, these important films and series give us better insight into how we are impacting the world around us on various levels. These films are not only the cure for indecision when it comes to deciding what to watch next, but they are also so important in unveiling the hidden truths we didn’t even know we needed to know.

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