Hacks for Avoiding Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is a hassle! It can lead you to over-shampoo or spend too much time trying to style, which only worsens the problem. If your hair is prone to grease or your haircare routine can’t keep up, don’t fret. With a few easy hacks, you can trade greasy hair for cleaner-looking, more voluminous strands.

Why Is Your Hair Greasy

Like other parts of your body, the condition of your hair can alert you when something is wrong. According to Coco and Eve haircare, greasy hair can be due to genetics, but it can also be caused by your habits, including your diet, wash schedule, workout rituals, styling methods, and more.

Start With Shampoo

A common factor when dealing with greasy hair is the type of shampoo you use – and how often you use it. You’d think that shampooing greasy hair is the best way to clean it, but in reality, stripping oils from your hair signals it to make more! It’s a vicious cycle. How often you should wash varies by individual, so stay in tune with your hair and what it is telling you.

Another consideration is what your shampoo is made of. Many shampoos contain harsh sulfates, which lead to that bubbly lather we associate with cleanliness, but it actually drys out scalps. Gentle shampoos with natural ingredients are better for fighting grease, and are more sustainable.

Condition Carefully

A second washday woe that can cause grease is improper conditioning: Your conditioner could be too heavy for your roots, where natural oils are plentiful. Avoid this by conditioning the middle of your hair to the ends. Another helpful hint: Use lightweight formulas, as some conditioners designed for hydration can overdo it.

Pay Attention to Pillowcases

An unexpected source of grease might be your pillowcase. The chemicals in harshly formulated or heavily scented detergents could irritate your scalp as you snooze. Mild laundry detergents free of dyes and fragrances can make a big difference in your hair’s health. Likewise, cotton pillowcases can irritate your hair, stripping it of oil that builds up in its fibers, making your hair greasy again later.

Leave It Alone

Did you know that continuously messing with your hair can lead to more grease? This is because your hands come into contact with grease, which can transfer right onto your hair. If you have a habit of touching your hair often, try styling it in an updo or a headband to get used to being hands-off.

Got grease? Share your haircare tips with us in the comments below!

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