Dopamine Decor: Bringing Happiness to Your Home

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Picture bright colors, fun and eclectic patterns, art, and trinkets that make you happy. Imagine your childhood bedroom, when decor wasn’t something you put much thought into and instead filled you with joy. This is the essence of dopamine decor. Here are some tips for bringing it into your home.

What Is Dopamine Decor?

Before dopamine decor came dopamine dressing, the association between wearing bright colors and happiness. The same concept goes for dopamine decor. The items and patterns you use around the house are meant to bring you a sense of warmth and happiness.

The Psychology of Dopamine Decor

Color psychology has long shown how colors affect our minds, bodies, and overall moods. For example, a 2007 study showed the effects of indoor color on mood and cognitive performance. To understand more about color psychology, we invite you to read our article, Color & Mood: Understanding the Psychological Effects of Color.

Bring Dopamine Decor Into Your Home

When creating a space that increases dopamine, consider which colors you love and how they make you feel. Do some colors energize you more than others? Do you find particular colors and patterns soothing and peaceful? Seek out areas to add pops of color to balance the more neutral tones.

Our Picks:

Smeg 2-Slice Toaster ($199.95, shop here)

Retro appliances in bright colors are a great way to bring dopamine decor into your kitchen. The Smeg 2-Slice Toaster is an excellent example.

Wall Blush Willow Wallpaper ($16.50-$172.70, shop here)

Adding fun and colorful patterns to your walls is a sure way to bring dopamine decor into any room. We love “peel and stick” wallpapers because they are easier to handle, place, and remove. This Willow Wallpaper from Wall Blush really stood out to us!

Half Moon Layered Blocks Pillow Cover ($49, shop here)

An easy way to add color to your living room is by trading neutral throw pillows for brighter covers. This Half Moon Layered Blocks Pillow Cover is exactly what we picture when we think of dopamine decor.

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