Creative Uses for White Vinegar at Home

It may be one of the smelliest items in your pantry, but white vinegar is also one of the most useful and versatile items to have! It doesn’t contain dyes that leave stains on clothing or other surface areas, making it a miracle product! Here are a few creative ways you can use white vinegar at home.

Soap Scum Remover

Soap scum can be hard to remove, but it’s no match for white vinegar. Simply saturate a washcloth or sponge with the vinegar and wipe. If vinegar alone isn’t quite getting the job done, add a little baking soda to the mix. Watch it fizz, then wipe.

Step Up Your Laundry Game

If you’re dealing with pesky stains that just won’t come out, substitute white vinegar for your regular laundry detergent. And if your sweaters aren’t as fluffy as they once were, just add a few capfuls of white vinegar to your rinse cycle! Your clothes will come out soft and odor- and stain-free.

Unclog a Sink

Few things are as inconvenient as a slow-draining sink, but luckily, it doesn’t take much to get a clogged sink back up to speed. First, pour about 1 quart of boiling water down your drain. Next, mix 1 cup of hot water in a bowl with 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar. Once the fizzing ensues, pour the concoction down the drain and let it sit for 10 minutes. Finally, flush the drain with another quart of boiling water. After this, your sink should be as good as new.

Floppy Ear Care

If you have a four-legged friend with floppy ears, you know those adorable ears can become itchy and scaly. To battle this, dilute some vinegar with water (one part vinegar, four parts water). Soak a rag in the mixture, then use it to wipe the inside of your fur baby’s ears.

Candle Wax Remover

’Tis the season for burning candles. To clean up any spilled wax, use a blow-dryer to melt it, then soak it up with a paper towel. For any leftover wax, soak the paper towel in a solution of half-water and half-vinegar to wipe it up.

Stainless-Steel Cleaner

For a streak-free clean, spray your stainless-steel appliances with undiluted white vinegar, then buff them with a polishing cloth. Then rinse with water to avoid corrosion over time.

Remove Sticker Residue

Get rid of bumper stickers that haven’t aged well by squirting undiluted white vinegar on them. It may take a few rounds, but it will eventually loosen.

Do you have any other creative uses for vinegar at home? Share them with us in the comments below!


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