Common Nightmares and What They Might Mean

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another: You’re fast asleep, then you’re suddenly plagued with disturbing visions that seem all too real. Bad dreams leave you reeling – even after you’re sure you’re awake. While these dreams usually aren’t premonitions, they could be linked to your feelings or events happening in your real life, especially if they are recurring. In fact, people experiencing a lot of stress or anxiety experience nightmares more frequently.

Surprisingly, a lot of us have the same nightmares. Here are some common nightmare themes and what experts believe they could mean.


When you have this dream, you might see or feel yourself falling – either into an endless void or toward a dangerous impact. This nightmare could be related to feelings of being let down or out of control. When we feel unsupported in life, our unconscious minds can translate that into the sense of falling. If you struggle with this nightmare, identify the source of these feelings and work toward remedying whatever that situation may be.


If you find yourself being chased in a dream, your mind may be warning you about avoidance behaviors in your waking life. Is there something important or stressful that you’ve been putting off? Is there past trauma you haven’t been ready to resolve? To send this nightmare away, try facing the issue head-on. While it might be unpleasant initially, you’ll likely sleep better once it’s done.


One of the most unsettling dreams to have is one where you can see or feel yourself dying. This might seem like a warning or a bad omen, but experts say this dream actually represents a good thing. Death is the end of life as we know it, which is why dreams of our own death may come during times of transition or personal transformation.

Being Naked

You would never dare to leave the house without your clothing, so why is your dream self naked in a Walmart? Much like you would be if you were actually naked in public, you might be feeling exposed, insecure, or judged. Such dreams may be triggered by a life event – maybe you messed something up at work or tripped in front of a crowd. If these nightmares haunt you, try spending time to work on your sense of self-worth and remind yourself that others’ perceptions are not as important as you think.

Spiders and Snakes

Dreams about spiders, snakes, and other creepy creatures may serve to warn us about the toxicity around us. If you’ve been feeling bad intentions or threatening energy from someone around you – this could be a warning sign to keep your distance.

If you have a recurring nightmare, it might not be a coincidence. Take the cues from your unconsciousness and try to remedy any stressful situations around you!

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