Let The Stars Be Your Guide to Interior Design

Different star signs thrive in different home environments. You have your own distinctive home décor personality that’s guided by your astrological chart. Consult your star sign and find out what it says about the best way to decorate your interior domestic space. Tailor your home to your celestial personality, and reap the rewards when you align your domestic space with the stars. Take these tips from interior experts on matching star signs to the comforts of your home.


Bold and full of energy: Bold elements reflect your character. Lift your mood with strong reds and warm oranges that complement your fiery nature. Include actual fire: candles and gorgeous fireplaces.


Sensual and luxurious: Choose a large, luxurious sofa and equally sumptuous bed. Select plush rugs, drapes, upholstery. Earth signs need living space with organic material such as earthenware, wood and natural fibers.


Breezy and quirky: A big dining table is essential for the lavish feasts you host for friends and family. Since you’re rather fickle, focus on interior design adaptable to frequent change and adaptation.


Simple and homey: You’ll favor a big sofa more comfortable than stylish. Make sure there’s room for photographs and other treasures that hold the memories so important to you.


Opulent and regal: High-end designer furniture and the finest silk, satin, and cashmere is a requisite for your living space. A grand, stately dining table is an absolute must. But be careful not to come off as showy. Keep it dignified and regal.


Earthy and harmonious: Go for an open-concept plan and wooden flooring. Wood gives you simplicity and space, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. You’ll benefit from rooms with symmetry, tasteful decor and furnishings that represent modern trends.


Beautiful and stylish: Your style should be sumptuous and lovely with feminine curves and fine materials. Take care, however, to avoid sacrificing function for style. Your indecisiveness makes you clutter-prone. Keep things minimalistic and understated.


Dark and mystical: Go with calm, submarine colors with lots of strong contrasts and dark shadows. They enhance your cavernous sense of mysticism and your urge to retreat from the world. Find balance with natural light in spacious areas.


Spacious and natural: An open-concept plan is ideal for you, Organize your space to its fullest potential. Bring your cherished outdoors into your living space in the form of flowers, aromatic plants and exotic incense holders.


Traditional and practical: You value practicality over fashion, but too much conventionality can lead to rigidity. Surround yourself with earthy stoneware and wood objects. Greens and soft browns accented with splashes of color suit you best.


Rebellious and timeless: Indulge your futuristic instincts with the latest home technology. Use lots of leafy green plants to feed your airy spirit. Ground your somewhat flighty nature with wooden flooring combined with natural light.


Imaginative and dreamy: Sleep is a priority with you, so indulge in a lavish bed and luxuriously thick, dark curtains. Pisceans are ruled by Neptune, the Roman god of water. They thrive in aqueous conditions. Pay homage to Neptune with a grand, luxurious bathroom.

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