Basic Cooking Tips Everyone Should Know

Are you finding adulting tough? Make your responsibilities a tiny bit easier by mastering the kitchen. After all, eating at home saves money and you know what’s going into your meals.

Invest in a good cooking knife

A good knife can improve the quality of your dishes and make your cooking experience more manageable. If you are not ready to invest in a set of knives, get one good chef’s knife, which can be used for mincing, chopping, slicing, and cutting.

Prep your vegetables before you start cooking

Wash and cut your vegetables beforehand so the cooking process will be easier. As an added bonus, there will be less mess to clean up.

Use enough oil

To cook your ingredients properly, you need to use enough oil. Otherwise, they won’t cook evenly and it’s possible they will get burnt.

Season well

Seasoning enhances the flavor of your food, which is why it’s essential to make sure your dish is well seasoned. When you are cooking meat, you want to make sure you have enough seasoning. Remember that while you are seasoning just the outside of the meat, it should be enough for the entire piece.

Don’t overcrowd your pan

This will create steam instead of direct heat, and your dish won’t cook evenly. If your pan is overcrowded, it will make your ingredients soggy instead of crisp.

Clean as you go

Cleaning and washing the dishes after you’ve cooked your meal can be a bothersome task, which is why it’s just better to clean utensils after you use them. When you finish using a tool, clean it and put it back in its place. This way, when you finish cooking, you can enjoy your meal instead of worrying about the pile of dishes waiting to be washed.

Use a banana to ripen your fruit

If you have fruit that is not ripe enough, you can use a banana to speed up the process. Put the banana with the unripened fruit in a paper bag and store it in a dark place.

Use fresh herbs for garnish

Using fresh basil, cilantro, or sage can add a refreshing aroma to your dish and elevate it to the next level.

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