A Guide to Selecting the Right Artwork

Selecting art for your home is often an afterthought in decor, but it can really make or break your living spaces. So how do you pick the right pieces? Here are a few tips!

Listen to Your Gut

Art is subjective, and it needs to speak to you. Before you select a piece of art to fill a space, trust your gut and make sure that you actually enjoy it. Don’t let anyone talk you into (or out of) purchasing a work of art.

Look at the Space

Some people choose art based on the colors of their walls or decor. But art is so much more than color. You should be open to contrasting shades and bold, conversation-starting pieces. First, think about what you plan to use your space for, then select art that goes with that intention.

Set a Budget

Art can be expensive, so be sure to set a budget for yourself to minimize the risk of spending everything on a single piece.

Choose a Starting Point

What is the focal point of the room? Which piece of art will tie it together? This is where you want to begin. For instance, if you are putting a large statement piece behind your couch, the rest of the artwork in the room should complement it. Concentrate on one piece at a time and think carefully about how you want your room to look. From there, you can easily select additional works to bring your space to life.

Think About Your Style

Art is about you and your personal style. So begin by identifying the types of art you like or are interested in. Once you figure out what you’re looking for on a larger scale, you can narrow that scope until you find the piece of art that speaks to you.

Consider the Lighting

You want your artwork to be visible and enjoyed by all who see it. For that reason, make sure you’re lighting the room appropriately. Is the art drowned out, or is it well-lit and beautifully centered? The small details matter, so take the time to consider them.

Do you have any tips for choosing the right artwork? Share them with us in the comments below!

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