A Guide to Planning the Ultimate Girls’ Trip

If you’ve never taken a trip with your girlfriends, we highly recommend it! But, as you plan, it’s important to consider everyone’s interests, needs, feelings, and budget. Planning a vacay that accommodates everyone can be stressful, which is why we’ve created this guide to planning the ultimate girls’ trip.

The ‘B’ Word

Before discussing destinations, itineraries, or outfits, you must talk about the budget. It may be a little awkward, but you have to know how much everyone wants to put down for the trip. If you don’t discuss your spending limitations upfront, there’s a chance one or more of your friends may have to opt out. The best way to do this is to talk to each friend privately to realistically discuss their ideal budget for the trip.

Let’s Collab

Start a group chat with everyone involved, and don’t discuss trip plans outside of it. Keeping the conversation in one designated area means decisions can be made, jobs can be assigned, bookings can be confirmed, and everyone is aware every step of the way. There is no quicker way to ruin your trip than to exclude someone or make them feel left out.

Goal Diggers

Some girls want a jam-packed activity schedule, while others want to relax as much as possible. It’s important to know everyone’s vacay goals before booking anything. And it’s okay if you have different goals as long as you compromise. Maybe one day is active, and another is dedicated to relaxing.

99 Options

With a budget and goals in mind, it’s time to select your destination. Try not to overwhelm your friends with options. Instead of giving them a list of 10 destinations to choose from, present two or three options and go from there.

Keep It Flexible

The planner in you may want to book every minute of every day, but we recommend taking a lighter approach. Plan at most one or two activities and one meal per day, but leave the rest of the time open. Nobody should feel overwhelmed or exhausted on vacation, and you should always have time built in for rest.

Play Fair

If you book an Airbnb, and one friend sleeps on the couch while another has an entire suite to herself, the friend on the couch shouldn’t have to pay as much. This can be hard, especially if miscommunication is the culprit, but always keep equality in mind.

’Fit Check

In that group chat we mentioned earlier, an important topic of discussion will be the wardrobe. Ensure everyone knows the vibes and packs accordingly so nobody feels over or underdressed.

Plans Change

Plan to change plans. It’s important to be flexible and go with the flow. You may end up staying somewhere longer and not making it somewhere else. Plan on bailing on that cooking class because the winery was a little too fun or ordering pizza instead of making that fancy dinner reservation. Keep an open mind and focus on making all the memories you can.

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