2021 Books to Get Excited About

It’s a new year, which means it’s another opportunity to add more gems to your reading list and get excited about what’s to come. As we look to the list of amazing books set to release this year, make room on your bookshelves—you’re going to need it.

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

Already on the shelves and available for your perusal, Lore indulges our obsession with the world of Greek gods in a beautiful story of love, redemption, and complete and total power. The only problem with this novel? The second you read the final words, all you’ll crave is more.

Release Date: January 5 (Click here)

Whether your new year comes with a resolution to read more or a desire to fill out your shelves—or if you find yourself unable to pass up a fantastic book—the new releases of 2021 offer plenty to get excited about.

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

The amazing author behind The Hate U Give is releasing another novel, giving us more insight into the same setting, seventeen years before the events of her groundbreaking story. If you’re looking for representation, poignancy, impeccable storytelling, and a whirlwind of emotion, look no further.

Release Date: January 12 (Click here)

Later by Stephen King

The king of horror is returning with another truly haunting tale reminiscent of his greatest work. Focused on a boy with “unnatural” abilities, this novel focuses on the concept of good versus evil through a unique and chilling narrative. If his past stories are any indication, we’ll be hanging on his every word.

Release Date: March 2

You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes

For those of you obsessed with You, available to stream on Netflix, you may be surprised to learn the show is based on a—excuse the pun—killer novel series that is about to receive its third installment. If the charismatic, psychopathic Joe hasn’t wrapped you up in his story yet, he’s about to!

Release Date: April, date TBD

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

The New York Times best selling author of The Martian is gracing us with yet another story from space that further expands upon the vastness of our universe. If you’re up for a little discovery and a lot of adventure, prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

Release Date: May 4

Biography of a Body by Lizz Schumer

Being comfortable in your own skin is great, in theory. But in this society, is it even possible? Schumer’s lyrical work delves into this topic through essays and verse, beautifully articulating psychological struggles, aspects of traditional femininity, and deep, personal traumas in a method so captivating, you’ll be thinking of the text long after you put it down.

Release Date: January 19

Survive the Night by Riley Sager

Riley Sager is well known for novels of suspense and mystery and doesn’t disappoint here, either. Survive the Night follows two near-strangers sharing a ride home, but the odds are ever-increasing that one of them isn’t who he says he is. With a murderer on the loose and a long, dark road ahead, imaginations can run wild…

Release Date: June 29

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

The Gilded Ones is all about joining the fight for female empowerment. With notes of (insert your favorite female warrior group here), this novel explores the difference between resigning to the “fate” society has assigned you and fighting for something better.

Release Date: February 2021


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