Top Health and Wellness Trends for 2023

Wellness trends transition every year. If we look back, 2022 was filled with hot girl walks, drinking green veggies, and posting mental health statuses on social media. This year, things look a little different. Keep reading to find out what health and wellness practices are trending now. Which ones will you add to your routine?

Cold Water Therapy

Cold water therapy used to be for treating athletes to promote muscle recovery; now, people everywhere are reaping the health benefits of cold water therapy, which include reducing inflammation, boosting immune systems, and decreasing depression. Even spas are offering cold water treatments.

Incidental Exercise

Nowadays, between work, home, and family life, finding time to exercise can be difficult. But incidental exercise makes it possible! Incidental exercise entails being active in short increments throughout the day. Some examples include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, squeezing in squats during your morning break, or running a half-mile on the treadmill when you get home from work. The options are endless; you just have to figure out what works best for you.


It is what it sounds like. The sober-curious health trend aims to change your relationship with alcohol. We’re even seeing restaurants and bars offer mocktails and non-alcoholic alternatives. And guess what? People are totally digging it.

Sleep Synching

Do you remember when you were young, and your parents told you it was bedtime? Well, sleep synching is the adult version of that. Sleep synching requires you to set a sleep schedule and stick to it. That’s right: The same routine every night – including weekends – so that your body recognizes it’s time to hit the reset button.

Matcha, Matcha

Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety? And wouldn’t it be nice to boost your immune system? Matcha can help you with both of those things. Replacing your morning coffee with matcha will give you your caffeine buzz and promote your health! What’s more, matcha releases energy over a 4-6 hour period, whereas coffee caffeine lasts a mere 2 hours.

Facial Yoga

Massage the face and move it for strength – that’s all you need to know for facial yoga. This wellness trend requires you to do things like open your mouth as wide as possible, blow raspberries, and raise your eyebrows. Basically, it’s a muscle exercise for your face. Will it make your skin feel and look firmer? That is TBD – because it goes against the grain of moving your face less for less wrinkles. But, if you’re curious and need some tutorials, there are plenty of options on TikTok!

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