The Best Workout Equipment for Small Spaces

The pandemic has made WFH a standard for many – and no, we don’t mean “work from home,” we mean “workout from home!” And although many gyms and fitness studios have now adapted to the new normal, you may still prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Have a small space? Never fear! There’s always a way to bring fitness into your home: You just need the proper accessories. Here are some of our favorite options for small spaces.

Bala Bangles ($49, shop here)

You may have seen Bala Bangles on your Instagram feed – or maybe you caught them on Shark Tank. The massively popular workout essentials are 1-pound ankle and wrist weights made of recycled stainless steel wrapped in soft silicone and secured by ultra-strong velcro, allowing for a custom fit. Use the Bangles during a yoga sesh or even while walking your dog, and you’ll gradually see the difference. Chores like cleaning, sorting laundry, or taking out the trash can be a workout with these bangles! Available in neutral, bold, and muted colors, each set includes a black mesh carrying case for easy storage, taking up no more space than a small makeup pouch.

Mirror Basic ($1,495, plus monthly subscription, shop here)

Mirror brings the future of fitness to your home with an extensive library of over 10,000 classes on-demand across 50 categories, including yoga, strength training, boxing, ballet, and tai chi. Performance metrics, custom playlists, weight recommendations, and live in-class feedback from trainers personalize the experience. There are also competitive classes where you can face off against Mirror community members and earn points for hitting and maintaining your target heart rate. New classes are added daily, so you’ll always have a new challenge. One-on-one training is available as well.

A Mirror subscription costs $39/month and gives access to all classes for up to six family members. Mirror also offers a variety of package options, some including equipment like mats, yoga blocks, weights, and foam rollers. Packages start at $995 – a hefty price but a worthy investment. Plus, the smart device doubles as an elegant full-length mirror when not in use!

Peloton Bike+ ($2,495, plus monthly subscription, shop here)

The Peloton is a technological wonder and motivational animal, and its newest model, the Bike+, sits at just 4-by-2 feet, hardly taking up any room in even the tightest spaces. Peloton’s library has everything from yoga and meditation to HIIT, running, and, of course, cycling. Classes can be filtered by length, instructor, weights options, music type, and more. The bike features a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen with 360-degrees movement, so you can adjust to your height and swivel it when you’re doing off-bike workouts.

Your dashboard shows class recommendations based on your interests, plus informs you about live classes where you can work out at the same time as others. It also shows your complete workout history with metrics like cadence, resistance, heart rate, distance, and more. It’s $39/month for the Peloton All-Access Membership, which gives your entire household access to thousands of classes, world-class trainers, and a dedicated community.

Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill ($499, shop here)

If you like to multitask or can’t stay still while you work, upgrade your workspace with an under-the-desk treadmill! The Goplus 2-in-1 features two modes: Walk mode is designed to use while working and maxes out at 4 mph. For run mode, simply pull up the foldable bar and attach the handles; the maximum speed increases to 12 mph. The versatility of this product makes it a good option whether you want to keep moving during the workday or go on a pre- or post-work run to clear your head. It has built-in wheels for easy storage and fits nicely under your bed. Folded, the treadmill measures 52-by-27-by-5 inches.

Gorilla Bow Lite ($139.99, plus monthly subscription, shop here)

Designed to tone, tighten, and burn fat, the Gorilla Bow Lite is a compact workout tool that is all about resistance. It is perfect for high-rep, high-intensity, full-body workouts and has a capacity of up to 150 pounds of tension. Access to the online library, which features a variety of live and on-demand classes for all levels and fitness goals, starts at $14.99/month. The bow weighs only 3 pounds and measures 47 inches long, so it’s easy to store away. The Base Bundle includes a bow, three bands – 10 pounds, 20 pounds, and 30 pounds – plus an accessory case for the bands and a wrap for the bow. Any Sagittariuses itching to get this just because?

Share your experience with these or any other at-home workout equipment in the comments below!


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