The 5 Best Cookbooks For Vegans Over The Holidays

Stop picking at the side dishes this holiday season and go for an alternative main from one of these cookbooks.

The holidays are a time for breaking bread and giving thanks, and they are underpinned by the ever-present aroma of food cooking in the kitchen. A variety of roasts, turkeys, and hams are typically the main courses for these holiday events, which means that those who stick to vegan or vegetarian diets pick at the sides for dinner. As good as mashed potatoes and greens are, they’re not the rich mains that they could be. So, here’s a list of vegan holiday cookbooks to use as a resource for the upcoming festivities, packed with recipes so good even the meat-eaters will try your dish.

The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook (click here)

This cookbook was written by best-selling author Isa Chandra Moskowitz and is packed full of vegan recipes (more than 250)! It has a full range of dishes so you can cover all of your bases, like finger foods, side dishes, desserts, and mains. This vegan holiday cookbook isn’t just for autumn and winter either. It also offers vegan recipes for Valentine’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and the Fourth of July. With recipes that range from Cinnamon Apple Crêpes to Biscuits and Gravy, this cookbook has something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re serving vegans, vegetarians, or omnivores.

Party Vegan (click here)

This vegan cookbook, written by chef Robin Robertson, is organized by menus for special events, like the Superbowl. It’s an ideal companion for someone who is looking to host a holiday celebration themselves, as it includes themes for gatherings and tips for party planning. The book covers holidays and significant events, complete with guides on presenting the food to your guests—it’s vegan cooking made simple.

Fun, Festive & Fabulous: Vegan Holidays for Everyone (click here)

Written by husband-and-wife pair Marla Rose and John Beske, this vegan cookbook includes folklore, puns, and elegantly photographed dishes that will inspire you for your holiday meal planning. It contains recipes ranging from a Savory Holiday Roast for your autumn and winter celebrations to a Freaky Eyeball Pizza, specifically for Halloween. With 70+ recipes to choose from, this book offers a wide range of flavors for yourself and all of your guests.

The Vegan Holiday Cookbook: From Elegant Appetizers to Festive Mains and Delicious Sweets (click here)

This cookbook was written by chef Marie Laforêt, who offers a wide range of plant-based and gluten-free recipes for the holidays. The book covers appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, mains, and desserts, all of which are perfect for the fall and winter holidays. Laforêt’s recipes range from Quick Foie Gras-Style Mousse to Roast Vegetable Wellington—making her book the definitive reference guide for the upcoming holiday season.

Vegan Christmas: Plant-Based Recipes For The Festive Season (click here)

Labeled the “foolproof guide to making plant-based meals for the holidays,” this book lives up to its promise. With easy-to-follow recipes for vegan caviar and dairy-free aioli, Audrey Fitzjohn’s Vegan Christmas cookbook offers a vegan rendition of elevated seasonal favorites. This book is perfect for someone looking for recipes suitable to serve to the vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians in their bubble—or to make for themselves! Whether you’re sharing or not, this vegan cookbook will provide you with guidance to make dishes that will have everyone’s mouth watering at your get together.

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