Sleep-Tracking Technology: Wearable Devices and Apps to Monitor and Improve Sleep Quality

Getting enough sleep is necessary for overall health, but it’s easier said than done. Sleep-tracking devices and apps have emerged to help us keep track of our sleeping patterns and get better rest. Here, we’ll break down our favorites.

Sleep-Tracking Devices

Sleep-tracking devices use sensors to monitor your sleep patterns. Along with telling you how many hours you were asleep, they also can report deeper insights about the quality of your rest. This is made possible by accelerometers and gyroscopes, which measure your movements and vital signs.

Our Picks:

Oura Ring Gen3 (starting at $299, shop here)

The Oura Ring is a sleek metal ring with sensors that rest on the palm side of your finger to monitor sleep, activity, recovery, temperature trends, heart rate, stress, and more. Choose from silver, gold, black, stealth, and rose gold for a personalized look. You can even get a free sizing kit before you buy!

Sleepme Non-Wearable Sleep Tracker ($199, shop here)

The Sleepme non-wearable sleep tracker is a slender mat placed on your mattress to rest under your body while you sleep. It requires a monthly membership (the first month is free), and you can put up to two trackers on a single membership.

Whoop 4.0 Band (free with membership, starting at $30 per month, shop here)

The Whoop 4.0 is a versatile fitness band with plenty of features for active people. On top of tracking fitness goals, this band tracks your sleep patterns and is programmed to vibrate gently in the morning, waking you up when you’ve gotten enough rest.

Sleep Tracking Apps

If you’re not sold on buying a physical sleep-tracking device, numerous apps use your phone’s sensors to track your movements and sounds throughout the night. The apps break down this data to give you a detailed analysis of your sleep patterns, from how long it takes you to fall asleep to how much time you spend in each sleep stage.

Our Picks:


SleepScore helps you identify your sleep goals and find actionable ways to meet them. A $50 yearly membership allows you to track your sleep throughout the week and learn how to get a better night’s rest.


This is one of the best free sleep-tracking apps. We like the minimal interface design and how it displays clear results on the dashboard.


Pillow costs $9.99 monthly or $39.99 for the year, but you can try it free for one week. Once you have an account, you can view your personalized insights and take advantage of features like audio recordings and a color-coded graph of your sleep patterns.

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