Recognizing the Signs of Burnout and Ways to Prevent It

Have you been super stressed about work lately? It’s completely normal once in a while, but if you constantly feel physically and mentally exhausted, you may be experiencing signs of burnout. Read on to learn how to recognize burnout signs and ways to prevent them.

What Are the Causes of Burnout?

First things first: Knowing the causes of burnout can help you recognize the signs before they happen. Some common causes include:

  • Lack of personal control regarding schedules, assignments, and workload
  • Unclear about expectations
  • Difficult colleagues
  • Micromanagement
  • Chaotic work environment
  • Imbalance between work demands compared to life obligations

Signs of Burnout

Are You Depressed?

Depression can go hand in hand with stressful work environments. Add “always tired” to the scenario, and you have your first warning sign of burnout. Moreover, if you’re prone to depressive symptoms, you’re more likely to burn out in due time.

Does Everything Get Under Your Skin?

If everyone or everything irritates you, burnout may be imminent. That includes customers and clients. Notice if little things get under your skin and lead to angry emotions.

Is Your Mind Constantly Wandering?

How has your concentration been? Are you distracted at work? If your mind wanders and you have difficulty staying focused, you may be heading toward burnout. Try to recenter yourself, or take a deep dive into the prevention tips found later in this article.

Are You Indulging in Extracurricular Vices?

If you’re looking for an escape through drugs, alcohol, or binge eating, you may be experiencing burnout. Additional signs of burnout may include insomnia, headaches, a lower immune system, stomach problems, high blood pressure, and blurry vision.

Preventing Burnout

There’s no one-size-fits-all tool for preventing burnout, but here are some tips:

  • Look at your overall work schedule. Talk to your HR department or supervisor about any work issues. After a sit-down, you may find a different position or task load beneficial.
  • Look into self-care activities to de-stress, such as eating healthily, exercising or stretching/meditating frequently, and figuring out a schedule that works for you that allows you to sleep eight hours per night.
  • Use your vacation days! Taking time off when you need it may reduce burnout signs and symptoms. Giving yourself temporary mental breaks during the day can also help you return to your job refreshed and renewed.
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