Make Exercise Fun And Social

Today, we won’t waste your time discussing how beneficial regular exercise is for your body and mind – we assume you already know! But despite knowing all of the benefits of exercise, we understand it can still be difficult to make working out a habit. But instead of thinking of exercise as a chore, reframe your relationship with it by making it more fun and social. Here are a few tips!

Take Up a New or Old Favorite Sport With a Friend

Did you play tennis as a kid? Have you always wanted to play golf? Whether you have an old favorite sport or something new you’ve always wanted to try, call a friend who never turns down a good time and sign up for lessons or a clinic together.

Make the Most of the Season

Whether hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, or swimming, exercising outdoors in nice weather is always more enjoyable than working out indoors. So whenever you can, take advantage of the season.

Adopt a Dog

If you’re in a place where you could adopt a dog and give it all the attention it deserves, consider scoping out your local animal shelter and bringing home a fur baby. Once you have a four-legged walking or jogging partner, there’s no stopping you from moving!

If you can’t commit to a dog right now, consider volunteering to walk dogs at your local shelter. Not only will this get you outside and your blood pumping, but your walk will also be the highlight of that dog’s day.

Book a Personal Trainer for You and a Pal

If you want to hit the gym but aren’t sure where to start, check out personal training for you and a friend. Personal trainers are excellent sources of knowledge regarding health and fitness, and on the days you don’t meet with a trainer, you and your friend can hold each other accountable.

Join a Class or Club With a Friend

Where there is a fitness class or club, there are plenty of people that love that form of activity. Go with a friend to kick those “newbie” jitters and keep you motivated on days you would rather nap.

Start a Walking Group

Who doesn’t love a hot girl walk? Consider starting a walking club with your friends or neighbors. You can organize as many walks as you like, but we think it won’t be long until you look forward to your walking group!

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

We’ve all tried reliving that scene from Dirty Dancing, right? If a dance class sounds like something for you and some friends, what are you waiting for? It’s okay if you have no rhythm; the point is you’ll move your body and probably laugh your way through each step.

Hit the Trail

If you’re blessed to live somewhere with beautiful walking trails, take advantage of those views! If not, you now have the perfect excuse for booking a hiking getaway. Just make sure you research the terrain before embarking. The last thing you want is to be ill-prepared for a strenuous trek.

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